Doors' Robby Krieger Guests On John Garcia's Solo Record

Robby Krieger guested on the upcoming album from John Garcia (Kyuss), adding some of his signature flamenco guitar to a cut called "Her Bullet's Energy." The two hooked up on a suggestion from producer and mutual friend Harper Hug.

"I pretty much fell over from my chair and said, 'Do you think he would do it?'" Garcia told Rolling Stone of his reaction to Hug's suggestion.

"For the last couple years, I've been building a new studio with Harper Hug," added Krieger.

"Harper played me a song that I really liked, and we decided to try recording some of my flamenco guitar on it. This was the first time we actually recorded at the studio. We did it in the big room, and it sounded awesome."

Garcia's self-titled solo debut hits August 14.

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