Aerosmith Resumes Tour After Joey Kramer's Illness

After canceling a show in California, Aerosmith resumed their Let Rock Rule tour on August 15 at the Gorge Amphitheater in Gorge, WA. The Cali gig was shelved after an undisclosed illness felled drummer Joey Kramer.

In a presser, A Smitty said that Joey underwent a "minor medical procedure" and is ready to rock.

"I'm feeling better than ever and I'll be back sitting in the best seat in the house, hitting it harder than ever for our amazing fans," added Kramer. "My gratitude and thanks for all the love and support showered on me during this time. #LetRockRule."

TMZ previously reported that Kramer had complications that could require surgery. He has suffered from heart problems in the past. Aerosmith denied TMZ's claims.

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