Slash Teams Up With Universal Studios Hollywood To Make Clown Maze

Slash has partnered with Universal Studios Hollywood to create the Clowns 3D with Music by Slash maze, set to debut during Halloween Horror Nights on September 19.

"I'm a huge fan of Halloween Horror Nights and was inspired to partner with Universal Studios Hollywood because they are the founders of creating extreme horror," Slash says.

"I've been composing music for as long as I can remember, and jumped at the chance to be an integral part of this year's event and create the original score for this creepy clown maze. I can't wait to see the fans' reactions and will be first in line to experience the maze myself."

The maze features "Sweet Licks Frozen Clown Pops Family Amusement Center," a dilapidated roadside attraction and one-time thriving ice cream factory run by deranged siblings and their mad clown father, Sweet Licks.

The maze also features demented clowns bent on terrorizing its patrons.

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