Elvis Costello Contributes To Bob Dylan Tribute Album

Elvis Costello has contributed to the first track of the upcoming Bob Dylan tribute album Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes. All of the tracks on the album were based on lyrics written by Dylan earlier in his career but never set to music.

The rock icon contributed to a track titled "Nothing to It," and producer T Bone Burnett says the release was a true team effort.

"Great music is best created when a community of artists gets together for the common good. There is a deep well of generosity and support in the room at all times, and that reflects the tremendous generosity shown by Bob in sharing these lyrics with us."

The Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes tracklisting is:

'Down On The Bottom' 'Married To My Hack'

'Kansas City'

'Spanish Mary'

'Liberty Street'

'Nothing To It'

'Golden Tom - Silver Judas'

'When I Get My Hands On You'

'Duncan And Jimmy'

'Florida Key'

'Hidee Hidee Ho #11'

'Lost On The River #12'


'Card Shark'

'Quick Like A Flash'

'Hidee Hidee Ho #16'

'Diamond Ring'

'The Whistle Is Blowing'

'Six Months In Kansas City (Liberty Street)'

'Lost On The River #20'

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