9 Fun Things To Do In Cedar City Utah

By aoligschlaeger on May 5, 2017

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Due to the nearby national parks, close ski resorts, and cultural attractions there is no shortage of things to do in Cedar City. Finding small adventures in this University town  has never been more satisfying or easy then now.

Here are the top things you need to do in Cedar City, Utah.

01) Shakespeare Festival

Cedar City is known as the popular location of the award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival. Founded in 1961 The Festival uses Bard’s works as its cornerstone for entertainment and attractions. Look at Visit Cedar City.com to see how you can buy your tickets.

Shakespeare Festival: Top Eight Things To Do In Cedar City, Utah
Photo via Barbara M Barronn

02) Fine Art Galleries

From the Southern Utah University Museum of Fine Art’s (SUMA) to small regional galleries, you will find an endless amount of artistic culture. The majority of art galleries found in Cedar City specialize in wildlife, landscapes, and connecting the area with a larger world. You can also see some of the finest public art by going on the self-guided Southern Utah University sculpture stroll that features over 30 large scale sculptures.

SUMA Art Gallery: Top Eight Things To Do In Cedar City, Utah
Photo via Megumi Otsubo

03) Brian Head Resort

Nearby Brian Head Resort is your outdoor adventure base camp this summer. Located at nearly 10,000 feet elevation, it’s literally a cool place for mountain biking, hiking, summer tubing, mini ziplining and rock climbing. Open on the weekends, check out their summer event schedule at brianhead.com

Brian Head Resort - Cedar City, Utah
Photo via Cedar City Tourism Bureau

04) Frontier Homestead State Park Museum

The Frontier Homestead brings the settling of the West to life. Climb into the Union Pacific caboose or into a fully restored stagecoach for the perfect picture taking opportunity. Go on a self-guided activity trip to make rope, dip candles, pan for gold, load a pioneer wagon or use a bow and arrow.

Frontier Homestead State Park Museum
Photo via Cedar City Tourism Bureau

05) Dixie National Forest

The beauty of the Dixie woodlands is considered one of the most unique areas of southern Utah. With two million acres stretching across 170 miles the geographical sights are stunning. Checkout Visit Cedar City.com to discover all the outdoor activities available in the forest.

Dixie National Forest
Photo via Cedar City Tourism Bureau

06) Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

Water, sand, and wind over time eroded this natural passageway that was once utilized as a major thoroughfare by ancient people. The different cultures are evident by the hundred of carved petroglyphs into the Parowan Gap‘s stone walls. Their meaning is still unknown but there are many theories, including they are solar and lunar calendars or they are maps of journeys. Visit the gap and come up with your own theory of their meaning.

Parowan Gap: Top Eight Things To Do In Cedar City, Utah
Photo via Dthinton

07) Cedar Ridge Golf Course

Imagine the warm sun on your face, the cool breeze blowing, as you extend your arm to take a swing. One of the many popular attractions of Cedar City is the 18-hole Cedar Ridge Golf Course, open year round.

Cedar Ridge Golf Course
Photo via Cedar City Tourism Bureau

08) Cedar Breaks National Monument

Less than a half hour from Cedar City is the red rock wonder of Cedar Breaks National Monument. Nearly 3 miles wide and 2 miles deep the amphitheater features carved stone formations, ridges and hidden crevices. Cedar Breaks has some of the darkest skies in the world and has been designated as an International Dark Sky Park.  Marvel at the heavens above with some of the clearest skies for stargazing.

Cedar Breaks National Monument
Photo via Mike Saemisch/Cedar City Tourism Bureau

09) Old Iron Town Ruins

During the 185o’s, in hopes of increasing the self- sufficiency of Utah, Iron Town was made. Dedicated to the mining industry the town flourished, but due to the money panic of 1874 did not last long. Discover phenomenal structures like the famous beehive shaped coal oven and tour the ruins of the town.

Old Iron Town Utah:Top Eight Things To Do In Cedar City, Utah
Photo via Eric Witzke

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