Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Bryce Canyon National Park

Needing an amazing outdoor adventure? Bryce Canyon National Park has it all! Camping, Biking, Hiking, Snowshoeing, and plenty more activities catered to you and your family! Here are ten highlights that you must know before planning your trip.

By on May 5, 2017

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Known as the forest of stone, Bryce Canyon National Park is home to some of the most spectacular geological formations on earth. Offering an endless amount of fun and scenery all year, and is  located  less than 90 minutes from Cedar City.

Here are some great reasons you should visit Bryce Canyon National Park

01) Visit Inspiration Point

Beautiful from sunrise to  sunset, Inspiration Point stretches  outward,  catching light on all the canyon formations. The  park  looks like it’s  on fire  glowing  with  reds,  oranges,  and pinks. The sight never ceases to disappoint.

Inspiration Point:
Photo via Kerjan

02) Horseback Riding Tours

Similar to taking a trip back in time the early settlers of Utah would ride horses through the canyon for miles. You likewise can reserve  a two-three  hour  horseback  ride throughout  the park trails, just as the early settlers used to ride through.

Horseback Riding Tours
Photo via Brown’s Guide

03) Ranger Nature Walks

Check in with the Bryce Canyon Visitor Center for a complete schedule of the daily nature walks and geology talks offered by national park service rangers.

Nature and Wildlife
Photo via Samantha O

04) Cycling

Red rock formations provide perfect scenery to cycle up and down the park. Bryce Canyon stretches 17 miles, ascending thousands of feet over hoodoos,  meadows  and pine forest. Making a perfect day of breathing in the fresh air and enjoying  nature. Utilize the bike  path from Hwy 12 to the Bryce Canyon Lodge or ride your bicycle along the Bryce Canyon highway.

Photo via Ruby’s Inn

05) Camping Trips

North and Sunset are Bryce Canyons two reserved camping grounds. Both holding great access to park amenities and distance to geological wonders. Tents total $20 per night normally filling by late afternoon, treat yourself to the company of family and friends while you snack on s’mores next to a warm fire.  Reserve your spot at

Photo via All Trips

06) Junior Ranger Programs

Park rangers provide a variety of games and activities daily that appeal  to  different interests. Ask at the front desk in the Lodge lobby to get your activity booklet and see what fun excursions  are being offered so that you and your children don’t miss out.

Junior Ranger Programs
Photo via Cedar City Tourism Bureau

07) Astronomy Programs

One of the most popular phenomenons at Bryce Canyon is their amazing dark skies and the opportunities of viewing the heavens above. Rangers offer visitors anything from full moon hikes to  stargazing  through a telescope.  Plan a night adventure  with a loved one and share in on the breathtaking sights.

Night Sky
Photo via Derek Demeter

08) Hiking Among The Hoodoos

Bryce Canyon has 8 different day-hiking trails that delve into the vastness of the canyon. Many trails are interconnected and so a wonderful combination is the Navajo and Queens Garden loop. If you just have a short period of time, the Rim Trail is a great way to take in the main views of the park.

Hiking Among The Hoodoos
Photo via Desktodirtbag

09) Snowshoe Hiking

The clear crisp air and fresh powdery snow makes Bryce Canyon the perfect place to trek through  during the  winter months.

Photo via Jan Stock

10) Seasonal Festivals

Annual celebrations are done at the park, such as The Geology and Astronomy Festivals that observe the beauty and necessity  to  continue  to learn about earth’s  environment.  Rangers offer guided hikes, bus tours with geologists,  evening programs  with special  guest speakers, as well  as family  oriented activities.

Photo via BCNHA

Don’t Miss Out On The Beauty!

Offering so many phenomenal sights, Bryce Canyon is a historic gem in itself. Check out Visit Cedar to plan your visit ahead of time to ensure you aren’t missing out on any adventures!

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