Why a Trade Show is the Best Preparation for any of Your Hobbies

By Eric Openshaw on January 9, 2018
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This article is sponsored by The Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, happening February 8-11 at The Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. Find your favorite new or old hobbies this year at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo’s seminars. Get tickets and more information here: https://huntexpo.com/

Whether you hunt, fish, ski or bike a trade show can be your one-stop-shop to get ready for your season or to learn something new. Utah is home to hundreds of these types of events every year, so you are sure to find whatever you’re into. Everything from The Western Hunting and Conservation Expo to the Salt Lake Home Show. Here are five reasons you should think about getting tickets.

Photo: Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

1. Guest Experts for Your Favorite Hobbies

There is no better person to learn from than an expert. Trade shows typically feature guest speakers who are trailblazers in the field. For example, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, will be speaking at this year’s Western Hunting and Conservation Expo.

Trade Shows offer you chances to get guided trips you won’t find anywhere else in hunting, fishing, backpacking and more.

2. First Look at the Latest Gear

Retailers and outfitters love showing off their products. It is a chance for them to win consumers over with the latest technology. This means people like you get a chance to see and sometimes purchase the newest, most advanced gear.

3. Meeting Other Enthusiasts

You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of other people who share your hobby. We could all use another hunting, fishing or camping buddy. Here is the perfect place to meet someone who is just as passionate as you.

4. Chances to Get Great Deals and Win Prizes

Everyone loves free stuff. Trade shows offer lots of chances to win prizes in drawings or fun contests, from duck calling to casting. You can find deals you won’t find anywhere else. Outdoorsmen rejoice at this year’s Western Hunting and Conservation Expo you can apply for 200 permits for only five dollars.

5. Seminars

Expos feature seminars you can typically sign up for free of charge with your admission. It is a great place for beginners to learn something new or experts to expand their knowledge.


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