How Worth of Souls is Healing People’s Pain

By Eric Openshaw on May 3, 2018
Photo: Worth of Souls

This article is sponsored by Worth of Souls. An uplifting spiritual album featuring local artists. Worth of Souls is healing people’s pain through the power of music. Whether it’s relief from depression, anxiety, or pain, Worth of Souls has the perfect spiritual song for you.


How Much Music Do You Hear on a Daily Basis?

Where do you hear it? what is it saying to you? Maybe music often is just background noise that occupies the space you’re in? Music is all around us. We listen to it in the car. We put it on at work to break the silence. It’s playing at the grocery store and other retail spaces, on our devices like phones and tablets, even in church. We hear it on TV, as part of our favorite shows.

How much attention do you pay it? Maybe you sing along to your favorite song when it comes on in the car, but is it really speaking to you? Music could help you more. Maybe music could give you strength on bad days when you feel your worth isn’t there anymore. It may sound too good or too easy to be true, but what if music could help relieve real problems. Maybe music could help in healing people’s pain. Maybe is could relieve your pain, help you battle your anxiety, or even make you stronger to stand up against your own depression?

How Can Music Help in Healing People’s Pain

With about 6.7% of the population of the United States struggling with some form of depression. And 18.1% struggling with some form of anxiety, it can be difficult to point someone to help. It’s been statistically shown though that music and music therapy actually helps some of the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain. And that’s exactly what Worth of Souls is.

What is Worth of Souls?


Worth of Souls is a new album that is designed to help uplift, and treat symptoms of pain, depression, and anxiety through a spiritual connection with God. The Worth of Souls Project and Worth of Souls band was founded by Paul Cardall a talented pianist who has released three No 1 Billboard albums, is a Steinway & Sons sponsored pianist and lay minister, and he founded Stone Angel Music which is one of the top-selling and highest streaming instrumental labels in the world.

Photo: Worth of Souls

Cardall founded Worth of Souls because he wanted to “reignite that fire [for God] that once burned in us so deeply.” Cardall wants to help in healing people’s pain through spiritual inspiration and uplifting music.

Featured Worth of Souls Artist: Emily Bea

Photo: Worth of Souls

Emily Bea is an indie/pop, singer-songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has headlined concerts, big and small, at various venues around Utah likeThe Depot, The Velour, Gezzo Hall, Sandy 4th of July Celebration, and The Utah State Fair. Emily has also had the opportunity to perform at numerous corporate events both locally and throughout the country, including several times in Las Vegas, Nevada, sharing the stage with acts like Danny Gokey, JT Hodges, Tyrone Wells, Jason Castro, all at the Hard Rock Hotel. One of her favorite shows was opening for the two-member musical group, “A Great Big World,” in 2012.

Emily has independently recorded and released two albums, “Love A Fair,” (2012) and “Bench for Two,” (2014) both available on iTunes/Spotify/Amazon, etc. Emily most recently released her newest single titled, “Scorpio,” in June of 2016, which will also be part of her upcoming album.

How To Find the Album

Worth of Souls is available to buy through iTunes and Amazon, and is available to stream through Spotify and Apple Music. Or visit the Worth of Souls website.

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