How Fast Can You Go? 5 Ways to Quench Your Need for Speed In Utah (Without Getting a Ticket)

By Eric Openshaw on August 16, 2018

This article about how to Quench Your Need for Speed is sponsored by the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI at Strong Volkswagen. Find out how fast you can go and quench your need for speed with a new VW Golf GTI from Strong Volkswagen

How fast can you go? You like to go FAST! Like, REALLY FAAAAAST! You dream of pushing your car to its absolute limit and watching as the world turns into a blur around you. It wakes you up in the morning and keeps you from falling asleep at night. The problem? You can’t do it! “Speed limits are just ‘The Man’s’ shackles on the extreme potential of my car,” you think to yourself. Well, you just bought that new Volkswagen Golf GTI from Strong VW and now that itch is starting to get worse.


But wait! Relax! Here are 5 ways to quench your need for speed in Utah (without getting a ticket):

1. Alpine Slide – Park City Mountain Resort – 45 MPH

You can take the amazing winding Alpine Slide at Park City Mountain Resort at whatever pace you’d like and enjoy the scenery. The cart you ride on is equipped with brakes that you can ease on and off…. But who are we kidding? You’re not gonna use those! You still wonder how fast can you go! The Alpine Slide is over 3,000 feet of gliding and sliding down a luge-like track. And it’s one of the longest in the world! 45 MPH not fast enough?

2. Wicked – Lagoon – 55 MPH

They don’t call Lagoon’s premiere roller Coaster Wicked for nothing. You start by launching to the top of a 110-foot tower at speeds of about 41 mph. Once you are past the top, the real ride begins. reaching speeds of 55 mph, you’ll go through steep valleys, high-banked turns, a half-pipe, and a heart-roll inversion. You’ll even pull 4.85 G’s! The average ride time is 1:36. So you are going to have to go a lot and savor those moments to satisfy your need for speed.

3. Zipline Utah – 75+ MPH

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Just like the Alpine Slide in Park City, you can control how fast you go on a zipline. Zipline Utah has one of the most sprawling areas with multiple zipline courses. You can even run the Screaming Falcon Course where a 3900ft zip line will take you over Rainbow Bay. This is also the longest zip line ride in the world over a body of water of this size. There’s over 2 miles of total zip lining including 10 zip lines and 7 suspension aerial bridges. These things are fast!

4. Go Karts and Cars – Utah Motorsports Campus 50-200+ MPH

At the Utah Motorsports Campus, you get a few speedy options. First, the go-karts. The go-karts at Utah Motorsports Campus are a family friendly way to feel the wind in your face. But don’t underestimate these little guys. They can scream and will take your breath away. Race against another group or your family for bragging rights.

But if you really want bragging rights, check out Utah Motorsports Campus’ On Track program. This lets you take your own personal vehicle onto the regulated course for some laps. Take your brand new Volkswagen Golf GTI from Strong VW out for a spin! Don’t have a clue how to run laps? no problem! The on-site staff will help you learn the basics with one on one classes where you can learn to be your fastest self.

Ok, if this still isn’t fast enough for you, there’s just one more option…

5. Quench Your Need for Speed at Speed Week – Bonneville Salt Flats – 400+ MPH

This is it. The fastest speeds in Utah on land you can achieve. This is speed week held every year at the Bonneville Raceway on the Bonneville Salt Flats just east of Wendover. With some training and registration, you could find yourself behind the wheel driving on this pristine track made of nothing but salt. Speed Week is put on every year by the Utah Bureau of Land Management and the Southern California Timing Association and is always a treat. This year’s Speed Week is August 11th-17th and is almost over already. If you aren’t quite ready to pilot an NHRA Pro Stock engine car like the Spirit of Rett (shown driving above) with a top speed of 414.5 mph, then you can always be a spectator. Check the SCTA for more info!

How Fast Will You Go?

These are the ways you can go the fastest in Utah. And they are the safest too. So get out there in your Volkswagen Golf GTI from Strong Volkswagen and get moving. Just don’t get a ticket on your way!

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