Don’t Ski or Snowboard? Take Advantage of this Winter with these 3 Awesome Utah Winter Activities You Can Do

By Eric Openshaw on January 31, 2019

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Don’t ski or snowboard but still want to enjoy the outdoors? You’d be surprised how many people don’t ski or snowboard but still make incredible use of the outdoors in Utah in the winter. Here are 3 awesome Utah winter activities you can do without too much experience or equipment.

1. Hiking in a National Park

You’ve probably been to the Mighty 5 parks in Utah. You know, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, and Capitol Reef. All of these are incredible parks. These parks can be beautiful in the winter months. Plus, the crowds won’t nearly be as big. Just bundle up and come prepared. A set of ice cleats and trekking poles might be good on some of the trails in these parks.

2. Snow Shoeing in Ogden Canyon

If you are looking to try something new this winter, snowshoeing is a blast. It just requires a set of snowshoes, some trekking poles, and some leg gaiters. All of which can be rented. One of the easiest trails in Utah is in Ogden Canyon from Wheeler Creek to Art Nord. It’s an easy 3.5-mile round-trip stream-side trip that leads you to some impressive views of the mountains near Snowbasin.

3. Sledding at Sugarhouse Park

This is a classic Utah winter activity that is fun for the whole family. Most local big box stores sell sleds as low as $10, so this is a super affordable way to get the whole family together to be a part of winter.

What Are Your Favorite Utah Winter Activities?

Do you love taking long drives in your 2019 Volkswagen Sportwagen in the snow with it’s versatile all wheel drive? Or maybe you love ice fishing at Pine View Reservoir. Let us know your favorite fun winter activity in the comments below!


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