Geranium Care in Utah Is Easier Than You Might Think: 6 Tips to Grow Beautiful Geraniums in Utah This Year

Geranium care sounds harder than it is. These are some of the easiest flowers maintain. Here’s how to care for geraniums to make your world more colorful! 

By Eric Openshaw on May 10, 2019

This article about geranium care in Utah is sponsored by Quality Flowers and Plants.

Geraniums are one of the most favored flowers to plant by Utah gardeners. These little annual plants like sun, do well in pots on in a garden, and withstand the searing Utah summer heat pretty well! The great thing is that there are many, types, and species available with all sorts of variations in leaf, flower, and growing attributes. So you’re sure to find something perfect for your garden or indoor or outdoor pot. They can even be overwintered to use as simple house plants.

Geranium care probably sounds harder than it is, especially if you’ve never planted them. But don’t worry these are some of the easiest flowers to plant and maintain. Here are 6 tips on how to grow and care for geraniums to make your world a little more colorful!

1. Buy Healthy Plants

Start by making sure the plants don’t have any garden pests or diseases. When you are buying geraniums, make sure you check their color and size. Healthy leaves won’t have any discoloration on top or on the bottom. Also, healthy plants should have sturdy stems.


2. Ground or Pot?

You’ll have to decide where you want to plant those beautiful geraniums. You can easily plant them in a garden bed to add a bunch of colors. Geraniums do best in an area that gets about 4-6 hours of sunlight a day.

Geraniums also do great indoors and in hanging pots. Make sure you are using a dirt-less potting mixture to plant them in. Having that as a foundation will be one of the key ingredients to having beautiful geraniums all year round.

3. Watering Geraniums

You should water geraniums early in the day. Watering at night can lead to standing water on leaves overnight which can lead to the geraniums getting diseased. Something else that can help with correct watering is a root zone watering system that applies water directly to the roots and won’t leave water sitting on the petals. Also, make sure they dry out between waterings, then water as thoroughly as possible.

4. Give Geraniums the Right Food

Geraniums like a well-balanced fertilizer.  A 20-20-20 blend is ideal. For best results, fertilize pots each week and geraniums in the ground should be fertilized every week or two. Water soluble fertilizers are ideal. But there are several granular combinations that will work well too.

5. Get Your Geraniums Blooming

To get those geraniums blooming, deadhead the flowers that are past their prime. This helps the geraniums to put more energy into growing new flowers so you can have flowers all summer in a garden bed, or all year round in an indoor hanging pot.

6. Geranium Care is Easy with the Right Help

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