The Chicago Bears are the top bet as Super Bowl champs

By mbrooks on June 1, 2019
File – Mitchell Trubisky #10 and Marcus Williams #31 of the Chicago Bears walk out to the field before an NFC Wild Card playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Soldier Field on January 6, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. The Eagles defeated the Bears 16-15. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

By Matthew Brooks

The Chicago Bears nearly made it in 2018-2019 season.

The bets are on that the Bears will make it all the way to the Super Bowl in the 2019-2020 season.

If you are a Bears fan, or you just enjoy watching sports fails, you will remember how the Bears’ season ended last season: the double doink.

A victory against the underpowered (in 2018-2019) Philadelphia Eagles would have put the Bears against the No. 1 seed New Orleans Saints. The Saints went on to lose 23-26 to the L.A. Rams in the NFC championship.

Whatever the Bears might be this year, they aren’t the underdog.

A strong run through the playoffs and third-year quarterback Mitch Trubisky won’t just become a household name, he could become the next Tom Brady.

Well, maybe not. But no one expected Tom Brady to become Tom Brady.

So, quarterback? Check, probably.

Running backs? Check. According to SBNation, the Bears have the fifth-best backfield in the NFL. The only NFC team to have its running backs ranked ahead of the Bears is … the New England Patriots.

The top prospective running back corps, in case you are wondering, is the on the San Francisco 49ers.

A reliable kicker on the Bears may be the final missing piece.

And the Bears aren’t quite sure who that missing piece will be.

The Bears have a 3-way competition for the kicker job, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Eddy Pineiro, Elliott Fry or Chris Blewitt could mean the difference between two doinks and a two-seed in the playoffs.

The Bears have the most victories in NFL history but only one Super Bowl title. The Bears should look into fixing that this year.

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