Utah-based contest challenges people to use a flip phone for a week

By mbrooks on June 8, 2019
File – Japanese mobile operator DoCoMo introduces a new mobile phone named Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access (FOMA) October 3, 2001 in Tokyo. (Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

By Matthew Brooks

Do you have fond memories of using a flip phone?

The flip phone may have been the last kind of phone that let you satisfyingly hang up on someone. You could really flip-slam that phone shut to strongly end that call.

If pressing a button three times to type out one letter is nostalgic for you, you can win money by going back to a flip phone for a week.

Utah-based Frontier Communications is holding a contest to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the flip phone.

The one “lucky” person who is elected to participate in the contest will need to agree to unplug from the world as we know it.

No more WiFi. Goodbye Google Maps. No more, “Hey Siri…” Get ready to pick a restaurant without a Yelp community who can tell you who has the best chicken tikka masala.

The daring creators of this contest are not leaving you empty-handed for your week in the technological desert.

You, as the forlorn contestant, will carry with a survival pack to ensure your safe return. Just like Indiana Jones.

The survival kit includes a map, made of paper, not bits of electronic data. There is also a blackbook for phone numbers, a notepad, a pen, and a couple of CDs to remind you how awful some music was in the 90s.

The selected winner will be notified on July 8.

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