Intermountain Healthcare Utah breaks DNA history

By Saige Miller on June 14, 2019
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Intermountain Healthcare of Utah announced the largest DNA genomics mapping project on a single population in U.S. history. Within the next five years, the healthcare company will collect 500,000 DNA samples with hopes to prevent diseases.

How will they do it?

Intermountain is partnering with deCODE Genetics to map the genome. The Icelandic company will help research how DNA can predict and lead to breakthroughs in various different diseases, such as diabetes, breast and colon cancer.

“The research is expected to have a global impact as medications, treatments, and healthcare innovations that can benefit patients universally are developed from the findings,” said Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, Intermountain’s chief of precision health.

The coolest thing about this research project is that the study is primarily taking patients from Utah and Idah0. Anyone and everyone in Utah can participate by walking into a hospital or clinic and volunteering, according to KSL News Radio.

All DNA will remain anonymous. However, participants have the opportunity to be notified if they catch wind of a potential disease.  Intermountain will provide the opportunity to meet with genetic counselors.

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