Don’t Drive And Watch Saved By The Bell…

By jsmith on June 17, 2019

In case there was any doubt..  Let’s be very clear..  Driving on the open road is not the time for looking up “Saved by the Bell” TV show clips on your phone.  In Vermont, police arrested 55-year-old Kevin Bacon (also being very clear NOT the actor) pulling up his favorite scenes of AC Slater and the gang of Bayside High.  Mr. Bacon was busy looking for that TV clip while driving, and was probably enjoying the latest hit from Zach Morris’ band “Zach Attack” to notice the Police car.  Which he crashed into. The officer was aiding a motorist on Interstate 91 when Bacon collided with the police cruiser. Bacon kept driving for a moment, then stopped the car before “fleeing the scene of the crash.”


You could even hire Screetch’s lawyer!


Officers caught up with him about a mile from the crash scene. According to a Vermont State Police report, he was searching for “Screech’s Spaghetti Sauce”  I remember that one.  But just in case you don’t, here it is 🙂

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