Dog hijacks cop car, eats cop’s beef jerky

By Matthew Brooks

Kilgore, Texas doesn’t have a 24/7 animal control unit. The police officers of Kilgore will take up the dog net when needed.

An after-hour call of a loose dog went far from expected.

The responding officer had the idea of coaxing the dog into the secure backseat of the police car.

Instead, the dog leaped into another open car door into front seat.

The officer shut the door to keep the dog in the car.

Unfortunately for the officer, the dog had other plans.

The officer’s beef jerky was at the mercy of a fugitive pit bull.

(Kilgore Police Department Facebook page)

The officers named the dog Cujo. It turns out the dog’s real name is Chato.

Chato had escaped his yard.

The animal shelter said that Chato was a loving animal.

Chato was returned to it owner.

There are no reports that the dog has hijacked any other vehicles or absconded any more beef jerky.


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