Four Crazy Money Stories From Celebrities

By jsmith on June 25, 2019
HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 22: Actor Nicolas Cage arrives at the screening of Summit Entertainment’s “Drive Angry 3D” on February 22, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

It’s not a secret that “rich” and “famous” usually go together…


But even when you are rich and/or famous, there has to be some sort of line that you cross where extravagant turns into excessive.  We’ve heard stories of the years of Liberace, and Madonna over the years.  But even now, today’s generation of stars are still spending giant piles of money on things you and I would never even consider, let alone actually do.  For example!

  • Bono once forgot his hat and had it flown to where he was, at a cost of 1,200

There are so many questions I have here.  Did someone HOLD the hat?  Was it just placed on the seat of a plane?  I’m sure it was probably shipped like, in a box.  But I have this image of someone sitting on a plane, with Bono’s hat in the seat next to them.  Bonus points if you picture it a fruit basket hat like Carmen Miranda used to wear


She also played keyboard on the                  “Joshua Tree” album


  • Nicolas Cage once spent $150,000 on a pet octopus

Nothing about Nicolas Cage should surprise me. The dude is reportedly SUPER bankrupt, and even though his movies are all 100% bonified classics (I’ll fight anyone who disagrees with me) he apparently has a hard time saving money.  Buying high-end cars, houses, even CASTLES in Scotland.  I’ve never met him.  But if I did, I would not be at all shocked if he ran up and bit me on the face.

But the dude bought an octopus once.  A pet that costs more than a 3 bedroom, split level in Kearns.  What joy could you POSSIBLY get out of an octopus?


I’m training it to hunt.

  • Rihanna’s legs are both insured for an alleged $1 million.

Ok so she’s not spending a cool million here, but still.  An insurance policy like that can’t come cheap right?  If my legs were insured for a 10th of that I’d be in my back yard with a hammer before finishing this article. I would then have to decide if I’m going to spend that money on a house in Kearns, or an octopus.


“Too bad, I already traded the octopus for this awesome Snoopy costume”
  • Emma Stone says her deceased grandfather leaves quarters for her

Emma Stone is America’s sweetheart.  She’s done La La Land, Easy-A, Spider-Man.  And she also believes that her deceased grandfather, who she’s never met is leaving quarters around her house.  Now, I’ve never won an Oscar, or a Golden Globe, Or a talent show for that matter) so who am I to disagree?  I’ll tell you this though, I would not be at ALL surprised if it were actually Nicolas Cage sneaking into her house and leaving change in weird places, if for no other reason than he absolutely must get rid of all the money he has.

“Psst.  I also left an octopus under your couch..”

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