Man on trial for murder attacks himself in court

By mbrooks on June 25, 2019
File – Handcuffs hang in a high-security detention facility. (Photo by Michelle Shephard-Pool/Getty Images)

By Matthew Brooks

A Nebraska murder trial added a violent chapter when the accused attacked himself in court.

Aubrey Trail, 51, is accused of killing Sydney Loofe, 24.

Twenty-five-year-old Bailey Boswell is also charged with Loofe’s murder.

“I curse you all”

Prosecutors allege that Trail and Boswell lured Loofe through Tinder with the intent of “killing, torture and sex.”

Trail was in court on Monday for the murder trial where his accused of the murder.

In the middle of the court proceedings he shouted, “Bailey is innocent, and I curse you all.”

He then cut his own neck several times and fell from his wheelchair.

The object he used to slash at his own neck was not identified.

Court deputies moved to his aid.

The judge instructed the jury to disregard Trail’s outburst.

He received stitches from his self-inflicted attack.

Trail was not in court on Tuesday.

He was recovering in his jail cell.

If convicted, Trail and Boswell could face the death penalty.



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