Fed-up resident sets up “scare-cop” to make people slow down

By mbrooks on July 18, 2019
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By Matthew Brooks

There is nothing quite like driving along and suddenly seeing a cop on the side of the road.

Your heart skips a beat. You slam on the brakes. Sure, you were going around the speed limit, but you slow down just in case.

Knowing that the sight a police officer will change your driving behavior, a farmer in Great Britain came up with a clever way of getting people to slow down.

Edie Pope, 71, wanted drivers passing through her village to slow down. She set up a “scare-cop” on the side of the road.

The mannequin features the typical reflective yellow jacket and a peaked cap of a British police officer.

Pope went the extra kilometer by putting an object in the mannequin’s hands that looks like a radar gun.

She tells UPI that the scare-cop was originally created for a festival contest. A recent speed limit change in her area, she says, led to two car crashes in a short period of time.

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