Controversial plates pulled from Macy’s

By mbrooks on July 23, 2019
Pourtions is offering dinner plates that has stirred a controversy. This images came from the company’s Instagram page, Pourtionsjustright.

By Matthew Brooks

Macy’s quickly pulled off a selection of dinner plates off the shelves after receiving widespread criticism.

The plates had suggested portion sizes with labels showing “Mom Jeans,” “Favorite Jeans,” and “Skinny Jeans.”

The maker of the plates, Pourtions, posted a picture of the plates on its Instagram page.


Some of the comments on the Instagram post showed support, calling the plates hilarious and awesome.

Not everyone agreed the plates were funny.

Comedian Alie Ward posted a picture of the plates on her Twitter account. She is seeking for a nationwide ban on the plates.

The tweet criticizing the plates has been liked more than 47,000 times.

Macy’s official Twitter account apologized for the plates and promised to remove the plates.

The comedian also tweeted that she would “lose it again” if these plates ended up in discount and clearance stores.

Not everyone agrees that these plates are offensive.

One tweeter says that the term “Mom Jeans” is not offensive.

Pourtions is not leaving the dinner table.

A company representative said, in an email, that Pourtions will continue to sell the plates.

“We feel very strongly about the positive, light hearted message conveyed by our glasses & plates. The response today has been overwhelmingly positive, including more interest in Pourtions & sales today than ever before,” President Mary Cassidy wrote in an email.

“As the creators of Pourtions, we feel badly if what was meant to be a lighthearted take on the important issue of portion control was hurtful to anyone. Pourtions is intended to support healthy eating and drinking. Everyone who has appreciated Pourtions knows that it can be tough sometimes to be as mindful and moderate in our eating and drinking as we’d like, but that a gentle reminder can make a difference.”

The company still offers the plates on its website, though customers cannot buy the plates individually.  Customers can only buy the plates in wholesale quantities.

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