Turns Out, Equifax Might Owe You Money!

By jsmith on July 25, 2019
One hand gives money in other hand over white background

Not that $125 makes up for a massive breach, but!

After checking THIS online tool set up by Equifax, it looks like that’s what I’ll get!  You can either get a free credit monitoring period or a one-time payout of $125.00 with the option for additional compensation for time spent fixing their mistake.

With a name like “Jon Smith”, and yes that is my real name, I already HAVE credit monitoring set up soooooo I took the cash!


              I’m gonna make them pay me in pennies!


Turns out, millions of people were affected and Equifax has been ordered to pay up to plans to pay millions to those affected up to $700 million in restitution and fines to settle with the FTC. $425 million will go to those who were affected by the breach, which exposed social security numbers of nearly 150 million people.

To find out if you were one of the people impacted by the breach, click HERE 


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