Lightning strike causes toilet explosion

By mbrooks on August 6, 2019
Lightning bolt storm with thunderstorm clouds at night.

By Matthew Brooks

The likelihood of a toilet exploding due to lightning is not high. The likelihood is the same as lightning striking you.

If lightning were to strike your septic system, your toilet could theoretically explode.

For a Florida family, the possibility is a theory no longer.

The explosion in the bathroom happened on Sunday.

A resident of the home, Marylou Ward, told WINK News in Florida she heard the loudest sound she’s ever heard.

She went into her bathroom to see the damage.

“We come in here and the toilet was laying on the floor,” Ward said. “There’s all pieces everywhere. Pieces everywhere.”

The bolt of lightning ignited the methane fumes coming from fecal matter, her plumber said.

Her insurance is going to cover her repair bills.

Ward told WRCBtv that she is thinking twice about showering or doing anything else in her bathroom during a thunder storm.

The lightning strike and exploding commode caused no injuries.

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