What’s on TV This Weekend? It’s Jon Smith’s BINGE REPORT!

By jsmith on August 9, 2019

Stuff on TV, man!  Saddle up, here’s what’s streaming!

You’ve heard the saying “You can’t make this up!”,  or maybe “Truth is stranger than fiction”.  Well, THAT is what I’m going with for the new Netflix feature, Screwball, which is available now.

Screwball is a biopic, which I’ll admit that I’m a total SUCKER for biopics, but even if that’s not usually your thing, this one is VERY well done. It takes on the biggest doping scandal in sports history, a company called Biogenesis and Major League Baseball. Specifically the stories of Manny Ramirez from the Boston Red Sox, and AROD!  Alex Rodriguez from the New York Yankees… The way this story is told, the actors they use.. Well, I don’t wanna spoil it. But let’s just say, it’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before.


If you want some family viewing, my pick on Netflix this weekend is Judy Moody And The Not So Bummer Summer.. I don’t know, man, I actually fell asleep. But teen girls will probably like it. End of summer coming up and stuff. So yeah.


SHARK WEEK was last week. Did you watch any sharks? Well most of the features from ShARK WEEK 2019 are on-demand this week. So now.. you got it, EVERY week is shark week. BOOM

THE COLOR PURPLE is a solid classic, Dances With Wolves, and one of the BEST terrrible movies of all time, HACKERS. Oh man, that movie is a prime example of something SO bad it’s good.

You know hat movie totally holds up though? 300! With Gerard Butler. That came out almost 15 years ago. WHOA man.. Crazy.

But yeah, TOTALLY holds up, that’s on AMAZON PRIME this weekend.
So there you go! Happy weekend everyone!

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