“Dogfishing” is the latest dating app trap

The online world of dating is growing. Alongside the increase of online daters is the bag of tricks people are using.

The latest trends show people are willing to do practically anything to separate themselves from other dating profiles.

Would you borrow your neighbor’s dog to get a date?

Experts call it dogfishing.

People are uploading pictures of themselves with dogs onto various dating apps.

The term is related to another trick of the dating trade: catfishing.

The act of catfishing is done by using someone else’s picture for your dating profile.

Dogfishing is using someone else’s dog on your dating profile picture.

The dating profile features a single person and a dog who is an unwilling accomplice in a bait and switch.

Interested parties would get the date but without the dog.

Dating experts say that single people pretend to own a dog on their profiles in order to appear more nurturing to potential dates.

Think of it: Dogfishers get the cute photo benefits of a dog without any of the costs or messy cleanups of dog ownership.

As to whether or not dogfishing amounts to fraud, one thing is clear: It’s just doggone wrong!



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