Zoo monkey uses sharpened rock to break glass wall

By mbrooks on August 29, 2019

By Matthew Brooks

A capuchin in a Zhengzhou Zoo in Central China has been getting into a bit a of monkey business.

Zookeepers say they have been watching this one.

The capuchin has been sharpening a rock in its enclosure.

On August 20, its purposes became clear as glass.

And the glass cracked.

The animal was caught on video using its sharpened rock to stab the glass.

The little creature kept stabbing until the glass shattered.

The act surprised the staff and shocked the monkey. It ran from the glass when it shattered.

A zookeeper staff told the local Chinese media that this capuchin has been using what it find as tools.

“This monkey is unlike other monkeys. This one knows how to use tools to break walnuts,” the zookeeper, Tian Shuliao, said.

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