Dentures go missing, dog held for questioning

By mbrooks on September 4, 2019
Dentist holding denture (Getty Images)

By Matthew Brooks

Pets can get into anything. The pets in our lives are willing to at least try tasting everything.

A dog in Brazil pushed the bearable limits by getting its teeth on some fake teeth.

The pet, named Luna, tried on a grandmother’s dentures, the Daily Mail reported.

The Daily Mail reports that when the dentures went missing, the grandmother and her granddaughter looked everywhere, but found nothing.

The dental apparatus were missing during the granddaughter’s and dog’s week-long the visit.

The granddaughter, Anna Lima, says that a few hours later she called her dog.

The dog proudly came prancing in, with no indications of its guilt.

This dog was a cat burglar, making a fair effort to hide its crime.

Lima later found the dog chewing on the dentures.

She says the teeth were not damaged.


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