Paul McCartney shares how rumors about The Beatles once changed his view on Lennon, himself

By mbrooks on September 25, 2019
Paul McCartney was a special guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

By Matthew Brooks

Paul McCartney was there. He was a first-hand witness to the the breakup of The Beatles. His views on the breakup and his relationship with John Lennon were once altered by the rumors that surrounded those days.

McCartney joined the “Late Show” to describe how, for a time, he bought into the idea that he was a villain in the band. He also let himself be persuaded that he didn’t really know John Lennon, the man as he really was.

“Did I know John? Were we friends?” Paul shares that he asked himself.

McCartney shares how a photo of Lennon and himself brought back how things really were for the two Beatles.

“And it’s just a beautiful photo for me,” Paul McCartney says.

In the conversation, McCartney shares how he dreams of John Lennon.

The song, “Yesterday” came to McCartney in a dream, too, he says.

On the subject of the “Yesterday” movie, McCartney refers to it as “a pretty good plug for me.”

See the entire interview below:


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