Harry Nilsson’s 1971 movie “The Point” is coming to Blu-Ray

By mbrooks on October 3, 2019

By Matthew Brooks

In 1970, Harry Nilsson released an album titled “The Point!”

Nilsson also created an animated movie to go along with the album.

The movie, also titled “The Point.” The story is about a people who have tall, pointed heads. One person, however, does not. His head is round. The boy, Oblio, wears a prosthetic to hide is non-conformity.

The Brady Bunch’s Mike Lookinland provides the voice for Oblio.

Ringo Starr is the film’s narrator.

The bonus material for the Blu-Ray set will include interviews with Lookinland and the son of Harry Nilsson, Kiefo.

“The Point” will be released on Feb. 11. The release is timed with the 50th anniversary of its namesake album.

Catch an original trailer below.


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