Thinking it’s Too Late in the Year to Sell Your House? Nope! 6 Tips to Sell a House in The Fall & Winter

You might be surprised how hot the market can be in the fall and winter. Here are 6 tips to sell a house in the fall and winter.

By Eric Openshaw on October 17, 2019

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Selling your house in the Fall or Winter may not have crossed your mind. But while it may seem out of season, you might be entering the market at exactly the right time. The real estate market never stops. But you might be surprised how hot the market can be in the fall and winter. Here are 6 tips to sell a house in the fall and winter.

1. Make Sure Everything is Maintained

Fall is usually a good time to do maintenance on your house. But when you are selling your house there isn’t much room for missing anything. Have your water heater and heating system checked out. Having heating go out on the first day of a showing because you didn’t do proper maintenance is really a worst-case scenario. Get the maintenance done before the cold

2. Take Photos Early

Get your marketing photos before the weather turns cold and the leaves change and fall. This will give potential buyers an idea of what the property will look like in different seasons when the colors of the yard are more vibrant. Spring and early and late summer are the best times for this. But you might be able to get some photos in late September or early October before the leaves change colors.

3. Curb Appeal is Everything

Unlike selling in the spring, the buying pool is much smaller in the fall and winter. But the amount of serious buyers is much higher. You can highlight seasonal features like a lit fireplace or finished basement for kids to play in in the winter. But try to avoid too many holiday decorations. You’ll also want to make sure the yard is raked, lawn mowed, and everything is maintained for open houses. The weather may not make the house look the

4. Sell Your House with a Qualified Real Estate Agent

This should be a no brainer. Working with a local expert will streamline the entire process of selling your house. Especially with an agent that has the buyers. And don’t just hire a friend or a neighbor or a family member. A good real estate agent will be able to help negotiate the price to get you the most money, help walk you through the paperwork, and many other things. It’s their fiduciary duty to put your interests first. Trusting a real estate team like the Carol Royse Team means that you have a professional in your corner to help get through every step of getting your house sold.

5. Know WHO You Want to Sell a House in Fall and Winter

Selling in the Fall and Winter is much different than selling in the spring and summer. First off, there are going to be far fewer people looking to buy in the Fall and Winter. But that’s ok because there are many more SERIOUS buyers during the fall and winter. This will also mean there will likely be fewer people who come to showings. Half or even a third of what you might see during spring months. But the potential buyers who do show up are going to be MOTIVATED!

6. Negotiate Effectively

You want to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest time possible. During the fall and winter, you may find that many houses are selling at or around the asking price. That’s much different than the huge swing of potential prices in the spring and summer because of multiple offers. That’s not to say you won’t get multiple offers in the fall and winter though. It just won’t be as cutthroat. But you still can negotiate. This is where an experienced real estate agent comes in. A trusted agent like Carol Royse and her team will help to do all the negotiating that you might otherwise be too nervous to do.


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