Unseen stage-design sketches for KISS up for sale

By mbrooks on October 18, 2019
(Backstage Auctions)

By Matthew Brooks

In the 1970s, Mark Ravitz designed the first ever KISS stage logo. With the success of the album “Alive,” the band had the money to commission more designs. He also did design work for the band’s tour in 1976.

Later, KISS wanted new stage show ideas. Ravitz provided some sketches, many of which have remained unseen until now.

And the sketches are up for auction.

The sale is through Backstage Auctions.

The “Holy Grail” of the lost is three hand drawn designs of the Destroyer stage.”

There are sketches that have a medieval setting. The style matched up with a not-so popular KISS album. The Elder flopped.

The starting bids for the any one of the many drawings in the auction range from $250 to $1,000.




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