Pringles Thanksgiving flavors are here!

By Saige Miller on November 5, 2019
Thanksgiving dinner background with turkey and all sides dishes, pumpkin pie, fall leaves and seasonal autumnal decor on wooden background, top view, copy space. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

By: Saige Miller

Don’t feel like cooking a full turkey dinner this Thanksgiving? It’s a good thing your favorite stackable chip is here to help!

Pringles is bringing back their Thanksgiving pack, loaded with the holiday favorites. The Turducken includes the meat, stuffing, cranberry sauce, complete with pumpkin pie! I can see you drolling through the computer screen.

“We pride ourselves on offering consumers insanely accurate flavors with endless stacking possibilities,” said Gareth Maguire, Senior Director of Marketing for Pringles. “For our third year, we created the perfect kit for those who are infatuated with the Thanksgiving meat masterpiece that is the almighty Turducken.”

Combining three types of meat in one chip will satisfy every family member around the Thanksgiving table! The main dish chip mixes turkey, chicken, and lamb.  Your mother-in-law not a fan of turkey? Not a problem! If she eats the left side of the chip, she’ll only taste the chicken!

The crunchy feast goes on sale November 7th at noon EST, exclusively on Kellogg’s website for the low price of $15.99!


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