Could there be a Def Leppard movie coming?

By Saige Miller on December 26, 2019
Promotional portrait of the British rock band Def Leppard, circa 1985. L-R: Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Joe Elliott, Pete Willis, Rick Allen. (Photo by Mercury Records/Hulton Archive/Courtesy of Getty Images)

By: Saige Miller

Never let rock history die! Fans love to see their favorite artists on the big screen, especially when the band has made such an impact on music throughout the decades. Music related box-office hits has Joe Elliot interested in making a biopic movie about Def Leppard.

If you remember, Def Leppard took a swing at making a movie in 2001. VH1’s production of Hysteria– The Def Leppard Story didn’t do so hot. The film flopping discouraged the group from ever attempting to make a movie again. Elliott was so displeased with Hysteria that he described the film as “the biggest pile of sh*t ever made.”

“It was such a non-event. In the history of music, people weren’t doing movies on bands… It was low budget. It was an experiment on VH1’s part. We had barely any say in what they did,” Elliot told SiriusXM.

However, it seems Elliot has had a change of heart. Successful movies like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody ($903.7 million worldwide) and Elton John’s Rocketman ($195 million worldwide), is inspiring Def Leppard to reevaluate. Elliot says a modern movie about his band would have higher exceptions than it did almost two decades ago.

The lead singer noted a new Def Leppard flick would have a similar storyline to the 2001 creation.

“Band forms in Sheffield, has some success, drummer loses his arm, has some more success, guitarist loses his life, band carries on, and we basically hang in there as best we can to promote what we are. Yeah, it could make a good film,” said Elliot.

Elliot did point out one problem… funding. “We’re not gonna fund one ourselves, but if Pixar or Disney or somebody decided they wanted to do it, we would embrace it the same way we ended up embracing the [Rock and Roll] Hall of Fame,” said Elliot.

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