Get Out There and Have Some Fun: 4 Great Ideas for New Utah Hunting and Fishing Adventures You Can Have This Year

There are so many incredible things to do here in Utah. Here are 4 great ideas for Utah hunting and fishing adventures you can have this year.

By Eric Openshaw on January 30, 2020
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There is so much to do in the outdoors in Utah that it can be overwhelming to figure out what your next outdoor adventure is going to be. Here are 4 great ideas for Utah hunting and fishing adventures you can have this year.

1. Fly Fishing the Weber River

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With fishing licenses so easily available in Utah, going out for a weekend fishing trip is a no-brainer. And there is no better way to use that license than fly fishing on the Weber River. Whether you are a seasoned fly fisherman or just a beginner the Weber River offers some of the best fly fishing in Utah. Plus, the Weber River has plenty of varieties of fish. You’re really likely to catch something, from Utah’s state fish the cutthroat trout, all the way to simple mountain whitefish. And if you are looking for just a day trip, the Weber is great too. Just a 45 min drive from downtown Salt Lake and you should be on the river. Pro tip: go early to mid-morning to have the best shot at hooking something.

2. Camp, ATV, and Hunt in the Dixie National Forrest

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Just east of Ceder City lies one of the best places for a Sportsman. Keep driving past Bryan Head and find yourself in the prime place to camp have some fun on four-wheelers and camp. Find your way to the Mammoth Cave, an old extinct lava tube that you can actually walk into. Or take a half a day trip on your ATV and hike out to Strawberry Point for spectacular views of spiked red rock like you might see in nearby Bryce Canyon. This area is great for hunting too. The elk hunting in the Dixie National Forrest is incredible, and the best part for ATVers is that no motorized vehicles can enter into designated Wilderness Areas, but quads can be used on a lot of the Forest Service roads getting you that much closer to the action.

3. Shed Antler Gathering On Antelope Island


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Every year starting in February and working all the way into the spring months, Elk, Moose, and Deer shed their antlers annually. The annual antler shed is a natural process and it doesn’t hurt the animal. And the general public can actually benefit from this. And you can even sell the antlers for a pretty penny if you want. Plus it’s a good outing for the whole family.

Collecting the shed antlers is fairly easy to get into, and doesn’t require any extra equipment. Just go out and grab them. There are some limitations. First, you have to take a shed antler course and have to be certified between Feb 1st through April 15th. Second, you can only search in areas that don’t have restrictions. And also, you also are required to report any antlers with pieces of the skull attached to them since the animals may have been poached. Antelope Island has an annual antler shed, so you may be able to find some amazing pieces out there. For more info check out the Utah DNR Website.

4. Bow Hunting in the High Uintas

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Utah is famous for hunting, but maybe you want to try something new down the road. Bowhunting is a great way to challenge yourself more than just using a rifle. This way you have to depend on just your ability with your weapon. Some of the best units for archery hunting are the south slopes of the Uinta Mountains near Vernal. There are any bull elk permits that allow you to have a little bit more flexibility than you would in some of the areas closer to metropolitan areas. Just plan your trip accordingly. The general archery hunting season in Utah runs Aug. through Sept. Make sure you are prepared for an awesome season early!

The Best Utah Hunting and Fishing

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Utah is absolute outdoor and hunting heaven. Before you try your hand at a new adventure, check out the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo February 13th-16th in Salt Lake City presented by Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife and The Mule Deer Foundation. AND get discount admission coupons at The Hunting Expo is held from February 13th-16th in Salt Lake City at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Plus, you can even apply for 200 special hunting permits.  These are hunting permits that some people pay $25,000 to $410,000 for at auctions that are now available in limited supply for a public drawing for just $5 each. AND you can even get discount admission coupons to the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo at

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