Billie Eilish preforms cover of ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles at the 2020 Oscars

By Saige Miller on February 10, 2020
Billie Eilish preforms cover of the Beatles at the Oscars
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 09: (EDITORS NOTE: Image has been converted to black and white.) (L-R) Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish perform onstage during the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on February 09, 2020 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

By: Saige Miller

Rising alternative pop-star Billie Eilish performed a somber rendition of The Beatles ‘Yesterday’ at the 2020 Oscars. Eilish sang the iconic song during the “In Memoriam” segment of the Academy Awards, remembering all the iconic Hollywood figures who passed away in 2019/2020.

The five-time Grammy winner kept the integrity of the original 1965 hit while ditching the acoustic guitar for a grand piano. Accompanied by a string orchestra, her brother and producer Finneas O’Connell striking every piano key with such melancholy. Eilish’s version radiated respect–not just for the Beatles, but for all those, she was honoring. She didn’t attempt to hit high notes, or change the tune to make it her own–she let the song and lyrics speak for itself.

Watch Eilish’s full performance here:

Here are all the legacies the Oscars were honoring:

Julie Adams – Actors Branch

Danny Aiello – Actors Branch

Jim R. Alexander – Sound Branch

Carmen Argenziano – Actors Branch

Rene M. Auberjonois – Actors Branch

Kaye Ballard – Actors Branch

Kenneth E. Belville II – Sound Branch

Frank J. Biondi, Jr. – Executives Branch

Patricia Blau – Members-at-Large

Verna Bloom – Actors Branch

Zev Braun – Producers Branch

Neil Burrow – Sound Branch

Diahann Carroll – Actors Branch

Seymour Cassel – Actors Branch

Larry Cohen – Writers Branch

Tim Conway – Actors Branch

John W. Corso – Production Design Branch

William J. Creber – Production Design Branch

Stanley Donen – Directors Branch

Billy Drago – Actors Branch

Robert Evans – Producers Branch

Wayne Fitzgerald – Members-at-Large

Peter Fonda – Actors Branch

Michael Forman – Associates

Robert Forster – Actors Branch

James Frawley – Directors

Robert L. Friedman – Executives

Samuel W. Gelfman – Producers Branch

Jack L. Gilardi – Associates

Leonard Goldberg – Producers Branch

Steve Golin – Producers Branch

Michael A. Gray – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

Salah M. Hassanein – Associates

David Hedison – Actors Branch

Katherine Helmond – Actors Branch

Norman Hollyn – Music Branch

Petko D. Kadiev – Production Design Branch

Igo Kantor – Music Branch

Noah Keen – Actors Branch

Edith F. Keller – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

Christopher Knopf – Writers Branch

Jeremy S. Koch – Sound Branch

Donald M. Kranze – Members-at-Large

Ann Lambert – Costume Designers Branch

Peter Larkin – Production Design Branch

John V. Leahy – Associates

Paul Le Blanc – Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch
1984 (57th) *Makeup – “Amadeus”

Michael Legrand – Music Branch

Gary LeMel – Members-at-Large

Edward Lewis – Producers Branch

Mildred Lewis – Producers Branch

George Litto – Executives Branch

Branko Lustig – Producers Branch

Michael Lynne – Executives Branch

Bill Macy – Actors Branch

Barry Malkin – Film Editors Branch

William L. Manger – Sound Branch

Godfrey K. Marks – Sound Branch

John McMahon – Executives Branch

Jim McMullan – Actors Branch

Mark Medoff – Writers Branch

Jonas Mekas – Documentary Branch

Richard Miller – Actors Branch

Toni Myers – Documentary Branch

Kurt Neumann – Members-at-Large

Lawrence G. Paull – Production Design Branch

D.A. Pennebaker – Documentary Branch

Barbara Perry – Actors Branch

Ed Phillips – Associates

Jack L. Phillips – Associates

David V. Picker – Producers Branch

Suzan Pitt – Short Films and Feature Animation

Eric Pleskow – Executives Branch

Bernie Pollack – Costume Designers Branch

Nik Powell – Members-at-Large

Andre Previn – Music Branch

Sid Ramin – Music Branch

Terry Rawlings – Film Editors Branch

Gregg Rudloff – Sound Branch

Alvin Sargent – Writers Branch

Sidney J. Sheinberg – Executives Branch

John Singleton – Directors Branch

Bernard Slade – Writers Branch

Robert M. Smith – Associates

Dan Striepeke – Makeup Artists and Hairstylists

John Swallow – Visual Effects Branch

Dan Taylor – Visual Effects Branch

Rip Torn – Actors Branch

Natalie Trundy – Actors Branch

Anna Udvardy – Short Films and Feature Animation

Mark A. Urman – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

Zaza Urushadze – Directors Branch

Andrew G. Vajna – Executives Branch

Agnès Varda – Documentary Branch

Stephen F. Verona – Directors Branch

Joss Williams – Visual Effects Branch

Richard Williams – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch

William Wintersole – Actors Branch

William D. Wittliff – Writers Branch

Morgan Woodward – Actors Branch

Alan Zaslove – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch

Franco Zeffirelli – Directors Branch

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