Traveling tips in the time of coronavirus

Traveling with the coronavirus arising more each day can cause a panic among the travelers. Know, there are some tips for you to travel safely while the coronavirus is present. 

By mporter on March 17, 2020

By: Madeleine Porter

Those who can’t avoid travel with the coronavirus arising more each day face great anxiety. Know, there are options for you to lower your risk.

Major airlines have been doing their part in keeping the plane clean for those traveling. However, some prefer to know their space is clean before their long flight takes off.

Traveling tips with the coronavirus

1. Keep your hands clean and don’t touch your face

The number one thing to remember is to wash your hands frequently. Your hands touch many objects throughout the day that others have also had their hands on.

However, most people tend to touch their faces more often than they realize. Doing so after touching a surface where there are droplets from when someone sneezed or coughed can lead to the virus being passed on.

So first things first: Wash your hands especially when traveling through crowded spaces.

2. Disinfect hard surfaces

Using wipes on upholstered seats could lead to a wet seat and spreading of germs rather than killing them.

3. Bring Your Own Blanket and Pillow

You will want a fresh pillow and blanket to use. The ones on your flight could be used already by other travelers. However, airlines are advising travelers to bring their own blanket and pillow to further avoid the spread of coronavirus.

4. Consider booking your flight earlier in the day

The flights leaving earlier in the day are usually cleaner than the ones leaving late afternoon. The cleaning services have just been through the flight so chances are higher they are more germ-free.

5. The restroom on your airline

As long as you wash your hands on the way out, you’ll be fine. Of course, the lavatory door latch is most likely covered in germs, too, so use the old paper towel on the doorknob trick.

Take a towel, open the door, then toss it on your way out

Obviously, every good germaphobe comes armed with hand sanitizer, so stock up on the Purell, too.



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