8 Netflix shows to watch under quarantine

By Camden Mondeaux on March 22, 2020
HOLLYWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 16: Comedian Patton Oswalt puts his head inside the Netflix mailbox at Netflix Presents a Special Screening of “The Comedians of Comedy: The Movie” at the Egyptian Theatre on November 16, 2005 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images for Netflix)

We get it. After a few hours of social isolation, it gets boring. Time to turn on Netflix and see what’s on. 

By: Cami Mondeaux

With more and more people being asked to stay home in social isolation because of the spread of the coronavirus, it’s expected you’ll run out of things to do and get bored.

I mean, let’s be honest. How many times can you really do your laundry and check inventory on your fridge before it gets old.

So, here are a few of our favorite Netflix series for you to catch up on while staying inside.

1. Arrested Development

If you’ve never seen this perfect bit of comedy, please do so. Fair warning: You may be quoting this show for months to come.

Basically, the main character Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) finds himself forced to run the family real estate business in Orange County after his father is sent to prison.

Bluth tries to juggle the wants and needs of his spoiled, eccentric family while maintaining a good role model for his son.

2. The Office

Are you even surprised this show made the list? And with the show being taken off Netflix later this year, now is the time to get your binge on.

In this U.S. adaptation of the British show, we follow a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in a documentary-style TV show. It features the staff of Dunder-Mifflin with characters that represent basically anyone you would meet in your own office.

There’s Jim, who is the likeable jokester of the office. Jim, of course, has a huge thing for the receptionist Pam — and we get hooked on the typical office romance.

Then there’s Dwight, who is successful in all things sales — but lacks social skills and common sense.

And of course, what would an office be without a manager? There’s Michael Scott who is anything but ordinary. He doesn’t always say the right thing (in fact, hardly ever) and he always keeps the office on their toes.

3. Parks and Rec

This NBC classic has a similar feel to the office, taking after the documentary-feel, which is equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. Plus, you get to see Chris Pratt on Netflix before he became Star Lord in all his chubby glory.

Follow the story of Leslie Knope, a midlevel government employee in the Indiana Parks and Recreation Development. All Leslie wants is to beautify her town while boosting her career.

Meet all of Leslie’s coworkers and best friends who support her in all of her crazy endeavors as she works to make her town, Pawnee, better for everyone inside.

4. The Crown

This look at the English royal family will entertain you while making you feel smarter about European history.

It’s based on an award-winning play, ‘The Audience’, and chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) from the 1940s to modern times.

The first episodes look at the early reign of the queen, giving an inside look when she took the throne at 25 years old after the death of her father, King George VI. As the decades pass, watch the personal intrigues, romances and political rivalries that played a big role in what shaped her into who she is today.

5. Mindhunter

You can also get your criminal minds fix into your binge session, as well. Catching a criminal often means investigators need to get inside the minds of villains to figure out how they think.

Our main characters, FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench, do just that. It’s their job to attempt to understand and catch serial killers by studying their damaged psyches and analyze their behavioral patterns.

6. Schitt’s Creek

What do you get when you put the worst, most spoiled people on the planet in the same town? Well, that’s for you to find out.

A wealthy couple, Johnny and his wife Moira, find themselves completely broke. They only have one surviving asset: a small town called Schitt’s Creek. They had bought it years earlier as a joke, but now they have to give up their comfortable lives and move there.

They move with their two spoiled children and leave their pampered lives behind, now facing poverty for the first time. Now, they have to come together as a family to survive.

7. New Girl

Sure, the show had its ups and downs (and I personally took a hiatus from watching when a certain couple broke up… but they got back together later, so it’s fine). But all in all, it’s a funny and heartwarming comedy.

Jessica Day, who has recently broken up her long-term boyfriend, finds herself needing a new apartment with new roommates. She moves in with three single, goofy guys — and they all soon become best friends.

Through different rounds of drama, romance and funny moments in between the show is sure to keep you on your toes — and wanting to move into the loft with the group of friends.

8. The Flash

Need your superhero fix, but already drained out everything out of Marvel that you could? Move on over to DC for a minute to get in on this show.

It leans heavily into its comic book origins — so if you’re one of those nerds, you’re going to love this.

At age 11, Barry Allen’s life changed forever when his mom died in an accident but his father (who was innocent) was convicted of her murder. The orphan grows up to become Detective Joe West, who now works as a crime-scene investigator.

He’s dedicated to discovering the truth behind his mother’s death — which leads to him following up on every new scientific development and urban legend he can get his hands on. During one of his obsessions, he gets caught in an explosion and is struck by lightning.

He wakes up from his coma nine months later — finding he now has superspeed. It turns out, other people who have been granted the same power have always used it for evil. Barry determines to use his new power to protect the innocent — while saving time on the side to keep investigating his mother’s death.

Happy Netflix watching!

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