5 Easy and Fun Ways You Can Fight Isolation Effects When You Are Stuck at Home

What can you do if you cant leave your house? Here are 5 easy and fun ways you can fight isolation effects when you are stuck at home.

By Eric Openshaw on February 1, 2021
Fight Isolation Effects at Home
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Fight Isolation EffectsThis article about how you can fight isolation effects is sponsored by Mystery Escape Room.

What are the long-term effects of a whole year in isolation? How will it change your relationships, your business, and everything else? The effects might not even be known for years, but it has definitely changed everything. If you are dealing with isolation effects, here are 5 great ways to try to combat them.

1. Avoid Getting Lost in Social Media

Fight Isolation Effects - Social Media
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When you are stuck in full isolation mode, it can be easy to fall into social media. Especially since it’s so easy to just pull your phone out and open your social media app of choice. It’s not a bad thing to want to connect with the people around you when you might not be able to face to face. But you do have to realize that there can be all kinds of false information that can be shared on social media. Balance of online life and offline life is key here.

2. Take Breaks

Take A Break - Fight Isolation Effects
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It’s ok to take breaks. Isolation is especially hard if you are working from home. And the loneliness you might be experiencing because of it might be leading to not being as productive. You might have started the pandemic like a lot of other people did: realizing how much more they were getting done. But now burnout is a real thing. That’s why breaks are so important. Get up and stretch. Lie down on your couch for 10 minutes. Watch that five minute YouTube video that you’ve been meaning to check out. Do something that will take your mind off your work for a minute. That leads to the next point, wellness apps!

3. Try Wellness Apps

Meditation App - Fight Isolation Effects
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If the feeling of isolation is making you less than cool, there are some really good apps out there. Anything from great meditation apps to even therapy apps. Headspace is probably the most well-known and is also probably one of the most used meditation apps available. But other wellness apps like My Possible Self and Calm can help your well being too. And apps like Sleep Cycle can help you sleep better, while apps like Eat This Much can help you eat better!

4. Stay Connected

Zoom with Friends - Fight Isolation Effects
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It’s definitely no surprise that Zoom has become a household name for better or worse. It’s so important right now to keep connected to the people you know. Reaching out to the people you trust is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety, depression, loneliness, and boredom. Zoom and other video chat systems are great to accomplish this. Just make sure you turn on and off your video and audio accordingly!

5. Find New Ways to Stay Connected and Fight Isolation Effects

Fight Isolation Effects at Home - Virtual Escape Room
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Maybe simple video chat apps aren’t helping to improve the relationships in your life enough. Whether those relationships are personal or even business, trying your hand at something different might be just the way to re-energize your life. Mystery Escape Room might be just what you are looking for. And you can participate completely virtually. You can jump into their Online Escape Room to play with your Family or Friends or if you looking for a Corporate Team Building Escape Room Event, they have that option as well. Their events use video conferencing software to connect you to other players. You are also joined on the call by an official Mystery Escape Room Guide. They can help answer any questions throughout the event. Once your team has entered the virtual escape room world, they can start working together to solve the escape room.

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