Learn These 12 Easy Classic Rock Songs on the Piano

Stretch your piano fingers and start rocking out with these easy-to-learn classic rock songs on the piano.

By bonneville on March 7, 2023
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Wondering how you can quickly learn some classic rock songs on the piano? Whether you know how to play the piano or not, it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams of being a piano man–or woman! These songs are easy for beginners who have a basic understanding of piano chords, but with a little practice and play time, someone new to the keys can pick up these tunes too. Impress guests at your next soiree!

From Led Zeppelin to Queen, these timeless songs will get your fingers tapping and your heart singing along. Start stretching those piano fingers and check out these easy classic rock songs on the piano.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Released in 1975, this song has only grown in popularity over the years. Its use in films, commercials, and many a karaoke bar makes this a fun song to start with on the piano. This iconic song features an operatic style with soaring vocals, dramatic piano and guitar solos, and emotional lyrics in a complex pattern that seamlessly blends together to create an unforgettable song. 

Bennie and the Jets by Elton John 

This passionate song with a memorable chorus, released in 1974, is one of the greatest rock songs on the piano to belt your heart out to. Covered by numerous artists among different genres, the song’s success helped solidify Elton John’s status as an icon and one of the most influential artists of the 70s.

Octopus’s Garden by The Beatles

One of the few songs written and sung by Ringo Starr for The Beatles, this song is a clever bop full of whimsy and delight. Released in 1969, it features lyrics about an underwater adventure and significantly departs from some of The Beatles’ more serious songs.  

Blackbird by The Beatles

We couldn’t choose just one song by The Beatles. Blackbird is undoubtedly one of the most well-known tunes on the piano, making this a fun song to practice. This song was written and sung by Paul McCartney and released in 1968, with lyrics that allude to the Civil Rights Movement and the end of racism. According to Genius, the tune was inspired by J.S. Bach’s Bourrée in E minor, a well-known lute piece. 

Stand by Me by Ben E. King

A classic song that celebrates friendships, Stand By Me has touched the hearts of many with its message of loyalty and companionship. The song was released in 1961 and has been featured in countless movies and TV shows, including the movie of the same name based on “The Body” by Stephen King. 

Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

Written after the tragic loss of Eric Clapton’s son, Tears in Heaven has a tender melody that invites listeners to share in his sorrow and find solace in the power of music to soothe the soul. Although this song is typically performed with an acoustic guitar, the piano version creates a profound ambiance to this heartfelt song about profound loss and grief. 

Come Sail Away by Styx

Released in 1977 on their fourth album, this rock song starts out with a slow ballad until it crescendo’s into an epic rock song. The lyrics document a journey from the bottom of the sea to the vastness of space with soaring vocals and intricate harmonies. 

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

With mystical lyrics that have sprouted endless interpretations, this eight-minute song invites listeners to explore its depth and intricacy. The song was likely partially inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings,” with metaphors about leaving our earthly abode. It is an iconic rock anthem that everyone can enjoy. 

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey 

This song inspired a cultural phenomenon when it was released in 1981, with Journey’s signature blend of driving guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and epic harmonies. It’s uplifting message will help motivate you even if you are new to the keys to keep believing in yourself and your capabilities!  

Piano Man by Billy Joel 

This song is based on Billy Joel’s experience performing at The Executive Room in LA and observing the various patrons who come in to escape their problems. He worked there for six months after his first album tanked. He didn’t work there for much longer after the release of this song, which topped the charts upon release. 

Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel

Written by Paul Simon in 1970, this ode to friendship and support offers comfort to those going through difficult times. A bridge over troubled water is a powerful image of hope and resilience, reminding listeners that they are never alone in their struggles.

Cold as Ice by Foreigner

Get hyped for Arrowfest by learning this classic song from Foreigner! Whether you’re going through a tough breakup or just need a dose of high-energy rock, “Cold as Ice” cures the craving for high-energy rock songs. Mark your calendars for Friday, August 18th, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm at the USANA Amphitheatre. Enter to win here!

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