Lead singer of Def Leppard Joe Elliott shares video warning fans of ticket scam

Joe Elliott issued a warning on social media to fans of Def Leppard to not fall victim to these common scams.

By bfroelich on May 16, 2024
Joe Elliott wearing a jacket stylized with the British Flag behind a mic on stage
SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND – MAY 22: Joe Elliott of Def Leppard performs live for the “The World Tour” at Sheffield Bramall Lane on May 22, 2023 in Sheffield, England. (Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images for Live Nation UK)

Joe Elliott issued a warning on social media to Def Leppard fans on Monday from his home in Dublin after hearing about some falling victim to a scam.

He captioned the video by saying, “Important message from Joe: Neither Joe Elliott, Def Leppard or anyone in or related to the band will ever message you asking for money. Please do not engage with these profiles.” He says a friend forwarded an email from someone claiming to be the singer, tipping him off to such scams. 

He says they try everything they can to block scammers, but some successfully dupe fans. He also said he doesn’t need any money from fans, and would never ask them for help paying for things like legal fees or medical bills.

Fans can protect themselves from these scams by only trusting messages and links from verified profiles. “All communication from Joe and the band will be through officially verified profiles,” he said.

For the most authentic updates on the band’s tours and projects, Joe encourages you to follow Def Leppard on Instagram, or better yet, the individual band members ElliottPhil CollenRick AllenRick Savage, and Vivian Campbell


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Fans should be extra cautious of other scams going into concert season, and make sure to purchase tickets only from verified vendors.

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