June is Men’s Health Month

Gary Michaels here from 103.5 The Arrow. June is Men's Health month. So over the next several weeks, we will be giving simple tips on air and here on our Your Health blog that you can use to help improve your health.

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Healthy Soccer Treats

Springtime is ripe with weekly practices and games as well as the age-old tradition of bringing snacks. There is no doubt about it, soccer players love to snack, and snacks help the players recharge. While there are plenty of packaged snacks to be found on grocery shelves, most of them are high in sugar, high in fat, and lacking the most important element… real, nutritional value.

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7 Tips for a Better Relationship

Successful relationships don't just "happen". Like most things that are worthwhile, relationships require work. Below you'll find a list of 7 steps you can use to help take the bumps out the relationship road you are on.

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