rock songs learn guitar

10 easy rock songs to learn on the guitar

By: Saige Miller Quarantine is inspiring people to pick up new or abandoned hobbies. People all around the globe are reconnecting with their instruments in the corner that have been collecting dust for years. Getting...

Top 5 Classic Rock songs about Utah

Classic Rock songs about Utah are nothing to joke about. From the beauty of the mountains to songs that touch your heart, these artists were obviously inspired by Utah.

Tom Morello

Tom Morello shuts down internet troll

Supposed fan thinks Tom Morello shouldn’t mix politics and music By Trent Sell Tom Morello, the guitarist of Rage Against the Machine, retweeted at a “fans” comment about his music being too political...

Metallica bot

This Metallica song was written by a bot

By: Saige Miller Technology has been influencing music for ages, however, but this is a whole new level. The YouTuber, Funk Turkey, who released an ACDC song written by a bot has struck again. This time, a bot took on a...


Kansas’ new music video for ‘Jets Overhead’

‘Jets Overhead’ is a new single off their upcoming album The Absence of Presence By Trent Sell As one of America’s iconic classic rock bands, Kansas will release their 16th studio album The Absence of...

Top 5 Classic Rock California songs

Here is a list of the top 5 Classic Rock California songs because I miss the weather. Classic Rock artists know California is worth a couple of songs and so do I.


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