8 Netflix shows to watch under quarantine

We get it. After a few hours of social isolation, it gets boring. Time to turn on Netflix and see what’s on.  By: Cami Mondeaux With more and more people being asked to stay home in social isolation because of the...

How to prepare your household for an earthquake

Arrowheads! When the 5.7 magnitude earthquake started rumblin’ Wednesday morning, what was your reaction? Did you fly under a table or did it take you a second to process the ground was shaking below you...

earthquake Utah

5.7 magnitude earthquake rocks northern Utah

By: Becky Bruce SALT LAKE CITY — Buildings shook along the Wasatch Front Wednesday morning as the result of a 5.7 magnitude earthquake, centered four kilometers north-northeast of Magna. At least 30 much smaller...

Traveling tips in the time of coronavirus

Traveling with the coronavirus arising more each day can cause a panic among the travelers. Know, there are some tips for you to travel safely while the coronavirus is present. 

Concerts canceled due to the coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to spread, events have been canceling or postponing large gatherings at major concerts.  The Arrow has compiled a list of events that have been postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus.

working from home

Tips for working at home

Working from home can be a difficult transition. Check out these simple tips to help you stay focused.  By: Cami Mondeaux The spread of the coronavirus across the globe has caused several companies to send their...

wash your hands

This is how you wash your hands… the right way

By: Saige Miller and Paul Nelson It’s easy to believe you’ve been washing your hands correctly! All you need is anti-bacterial soap, warm water, and a dry towel, right? Well, sure! Having the right props to...


COVID-19: Facts vs. Myths

With the spread of the coronavirus, there are several rumors circulating the globe. But, what’s real and what’s not? By: Cami Mondeaux While everyone has a different opinion on what’s fact and...

COVID-19 frequently asked questions

COVID-19: Frequently asked questions

COVID-19 coronavirus is shaking the nation and leaving citizens with a lot of unanswered questions. So, the team is here to answer all your questions to keep you rockin’ and rollin’. Some of the questions...


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