rock songs learn guitar

10 easy rock songs to learn on the guitar

By: Saige Miller Quarantine is inspiring people to pick up new or abandoned hobbies. People all around the globe are reconnecting with their instruments in the corner that have been collecting dust for years. Getting...

Netflix May

Everything coming to Netflix this May

By: Saige Miller A new month means the beginning of new things to binge on Netflix. Here’s everything coming to Netflix in May of 2020. Coming May 1st Movies Above the Rim (1994) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)...

Styx new music

Styx is working on new music during the pandemic

By: Saige Miller Styx is making the most out of their quarantine. Both groups are taking time during isolation to create new music. Bassist Ricky Phillips of Styx shared how the band is making long-distance work during...

Help Utah COVID-19

How to help Utah during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shape everyday life, the need for help increases just as quickly. Utah’s unemployment rate is skyrocketing. In fact, more people applied for unemployment benefits in the month...

How to prepare your household for an earthquake

Arrowheads! When the 5.7 magnitude earthquake started rumblin’ Wednesday morning, what was your reaction? Did you fly under a table or did it take you a second to process the ground was shaking below you...


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