KISS – End Of The Road World Tour


KISS – End Of The Road World Tour is coming to USANA Sept. 14th, 2019.

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KISS is a New York City-based heavy metal band that became famous in the mid 1970s. KISS was born out of the ashes of Wicked Lester. Although ‘Heavy Metal‘ didn’t exist when the band was formed in 1972 it can be said that they invented a big part of the sound and style which now belong to Heavy Metal. The band is known for its elaborate stage shows, loud music, and extravagant costumes. Until 1983 the band never appeared in public without their make-up (which disguised their real identities). The band first appeared without their make-up in 1983 on a MTV news special. They had to remove the makeup to be a viable band of the oblivious 1980s (platform shoes died with disco). KISS put it back on in 1996 for their Alive Worldwide Reunion Tour.

The original members of KISS (and their made-up personas) are Paul Stanley (star child), rhythm guitar/vocals; Gene Simmons (demon), bass/vocals; Ace Frehley (space-ace), lead guitar/vocals; and Peter Criss (catman), drums/vocals. William ‘Gui’ Aucoin was the original manager 1973-1981Doc McGhee is the current manager. Sean Delaney was the group’s first road manager and creative director.

Originally inspired by the New York DollsThe Harlots of 42nd Street, and other New York glam scene bands. They felt that the feminine look didn’t work for them.

1980 saw Peter Criss‘s departure for 3 ‘commercial flop’ solo albums. Other drummers between 1980 and 1996 and 2001 and 2004

1982 saw Ace Frehley officially leave the band to pursue a somewhat successful solo career. Other lead guitarists between 1982 and 1996 (when the original four members reunited):

The band’s name was rumored to stand for ‘Knights In Satan’s Service‘ but this is an urban legend – propogated in the 1970s by Minnesota-based evangelists the Peters Brothers – which Gene Simmons has denied in his book. Simmons states that Paul Stanley suggested the name on the spur of the moment while they were stopped at a traffic light. Paul has also stated that the band name is not an acronym (the original name of the band was Wicked Lester, 1969-1972). Ace designed the infamous lightening bolt logo, and the rest is KISStory. More about KISS 



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