Mid-Week Money Blocks

Wait a minute… you can win money in the middle of the week?
I guess Wednesdays are good for something!

It’s the Arrows “Mid-Week Money Blocks”! Wednesdays we spike in the blocks… Hear a block of 2 from an artist… win $200 dollars, a block of 3… win $300 dollars, a block of 4… win $400 and so on…

Listen for “Mid-Week Money Blocks” on Wednesdays, when we drop on a block, be caller 10 at 470-570 and 670 1035 and take your cash. Padding your paycheck doesn’t get any easier than this…
Its easy peasy Thelma and Lousiey… listen for mid-week money blocks and win some money!

Wednesday just got interesting with blocks and cash, win yours with “Mid-Week Money Blocks” from Utah’s Classic 103.5 the Arrow!