Grant Weyman

Grant Weyman - KSLKSL morning meteorologist Grant Weyman joins Jon in the mornings for weather updates and occasional “clowning around”.

Grant was born in Atlanta, grew up in Illinois, and went to college in L.A. He attempted to be a film major at USC, but wound up studying music composition. His real love was radio though, and got his fist DJ gig at a Southern California Top 40 station in 1990.

Music radio lead to news radio, which lead to TV news, which lead to TV weather. Grant joined KSL (The Live 5 Weather Team) in 1999, and soon studied to become a meteorologist. You can catch him on TV from 5 to 8:30 in the morning.

Grant is married and has two daughters.

The morning weather dude loves hiking and going to the nearest beach.

He likes all kinds of music- including Jazz, Classical… And of course, 70’s and 80’s Rock-n-Roll.