In The House

An informative show about the major systems In the House; electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning.Each week we'll pick a topic and discuss the technical aspects of that topic. We'll have a panel of technicians talking about their experience around that topic. We'll answer questions that homeowners submit and talk about what we are seeing as we help people maintain and repair the systems In the House. It is meant to be informative and bring you value.
067 – HVAC: Turn your AC on now!   (01:25:14) April 06, 2021
It’s starting to warm up, but you might be waiting to turn your AC on until it gets a little hotter. DON’T WAIT! It’s important you turn your Air Conditioner on now, tune in to find out why.
066 – DRAINS: Dakota Frazier   (10:20:14) April 01, 2021
Mike and Dakota have a fun time on this episode! Dakota is a drain technician at Any Hour Services and his journey to find a career is super interesting!
065 – PLUMBING: Is A Tankless Water Heater Worth It?   (05:50:14) March 30, 2021
Never ending hot water, less maintenance, lower utility bills, extended life span, tankless water heaters may seem like a no brainer but you’ll be surprised to learn that they aren’t for everyone. Tune in to find out which water heater is best for you and your family!
064 – HVAC TRAINER: Adam Finch   (06:43:14) March 25, 2021
Adam is Any Hour Services’ first HVAC trainer. He stops by the attic to share his journey from personal trainer to HVAC installer and finally a trainer in the install department.
063 – HVAC: High Efficiency Explained   (08:45:14) March 23, 2021
What is high efficient HVAC equipment? Does it matter? Will it save you money? Should you invest? Answers to these questions and much, much more!
062 – HVAC: Dan Sorenson   (10:45:14) March 18, 2021
Dan has been in the business for a long time and he has some great incites into the HVAC world!
061 – PLUMBING: Annual Valve Maintenance   (09:08:14) March 16, 2021
STOP! It might not seem like this topic applies to you, but it does! If you own a home it is important to maintain the plumbing valves around your home!
060 – HVAC: Keaton Hancock   (01:06:33) March 11, 2021
Today we get to know Keaton Hancock and how he fell in love in both his personal life and career. Keaton’s only been with the company for 2 years, so his fresh perspective is interesting for anyone looking to get into the trades!
059 – HVAC: Furnace and AC replacement   (06:05:33) March 09, 2021
If your furnace breaks should you replace your air conditioner? And if your air conditioner goes out do you need to replace your furnace too? This episode is all about the different options you have when it comes to replacing your HVAC equipment.
058 – DRAINS: Mike Perry   (10:26:33) March 04, 2021
Mike Perry stopped by and shared his story about how he found Any Hour. During his time in the studio he shared some secrets of an underground Dungeons and Dragons ring in the company!
057 – HVAC: Flame Sensor 101   (11:25:33) March 02, 2021
The flame sensor in your furnace is a safety device that ensures the gas that fuels your furnace is being burned and not escaping into the vent system. The sensor detects when a flame is burning inside the burner assembly of your furnace. Listen now to learn more!
056 – HVAC: Karlie Fitzgerald   (01:00:02) February 25, 2021
Karlie is one of Any Hour’s first female technicians! Listen now to hear all about her story and how she found herself in the trades!
055 – PLUMBING: Your Water Pressure Explained   (12:19:02) February 23, 2021
High water pressure can destroy your plumbing and low water pressure can cause your pipes to clog. Maintaining proper water pressure is crucial to your homes health.
054 – HVAC: Corry Thoman   (01:21:04) February 18, 2021
Who’s In The House? Corry Thoman that’s who! This is our first episode where we feature one of our many technicians from Any Hour Services. These episodes are more casual and laid back. Mike spends around an hour, one on one getting to know different techs and their stories!
053 – DRAINS: The Problem With Chemical Drain Cleaners   (01:11:04) February 16, 2021
Drain clogs happen, and it may seem like a simple decision to choose one of the classic, big name drain cleaners. But did you know using those products can actually do more harm than good? This episode is packed full of important information you need to know about clearing your drains safely and effectively.
052 – ELECTRICAL: Dangerous Electrical Panels   (06:39:04) February 09, 2021
Your electrical panel controls all electricity moving through your home. A lot of important information about old panels, new panels, breakers and much more is talked about in this episode. Everything you need to look for to keep you and your family safe
051 – HVAC: How a furnace Works   (11:36:04) February 02, 2021
Your furnace is a complex piece of equipment, let us simplify it for you.
050 – PLUMBING: It’s Time To Flush Your Water Heater.   (05:57:04) January 26, 2021
This is our first episode recorded while simultaneously being live on Facebook and Tick-Tock! Enjoy!
049 – DRAINS: Clearing vs Cleaning Your Drains   (01:10:04) January 19, 2021
Enjoy this episode! The guys have a fun time at first and then wrap up the show with some educational information on cleaning and clearing your drains. Skip to cleaning and clearing 00:14:15
048 – ELECTRICAL: Space Heater Safety   (07:26:04) January 12, 2021
We are entering the peak of winter and that means space heaters are out in full force. On this episode Any hour technicians talk about the important things you need to know about using your space heater effectively and safely.