In The House

An informative show about the major systems In the House; electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning.Each week we'll pick a topic and discuss the technical aspects of that topic. We'll have a panel of technicians talking about their experience around that topic. We'll answer questions that homeowners submit and talk about what we are seeing as we help people maintain and repair the systems In the House. It is meant to be informative and bring you value.
036 – ELECTRICAL: Kitchen Remodels   (04:03:59) October 20, 2020
Mike is remodeling his kitchen, so he grabbed a couple electricians to talk about what to expect and prepare for, electrically when it comes to remodeling a kitchen. Fun fact an electric oven accounts for about 3-4% of energy use in a home.
035 – HVAC: Getting Your Furnace Ready For Winter   (05:47:59) October 13, 2020
Temperatures are dropping and you don’t want to be in the middle of a cold front and suddenly have your furnace break. That’s why on this episode HVAC professionals tell you everything you need to do to prepare for this winter.
034 – PLUMBING: Repipes   (08:18:59) October 06, 2020
An episode all about repiping your house! What types of pipes do you have? Which types of pipes have the most issues? This is and much more! Enjoy 🙂
033 – DRAINS: Waste Management   (09:10:59) September 29, 2020
If you don’t know how waist management works you HAVE to check this episode out. This episode is interesting, funny, informative! Enjoy 🙂   Enjoying the pod?
032 – ELECTRICAL: Whole House Fans   (11:09:59) September 22, 2020
Keeping the air in your house moving is important!
031 – HVAC: Getting Your AC Ready For Winter   (04:53:59) September 15, 2020
Things are cooling down. That means you’re going to be transitioning from your AC unit to your heater. So in this episode of In The House Mike and crew go over everything yo need to do to get your AC unit ready for winter.
030 – PLUMBING: Water Softeners   (01:37:25) September 08, 2020
Water softeners are so important we brought in an expert! This is a great episode that covers everything you need to know about water softeners. Whether its maintaining your current water softer or if you’re considering buying one, we go over it. Enjoy 🙂
029 – DRAINS: How to clean a bathroom sink drain   (03:33:25) September 01, 2020
Short and sweet, but there is more in this episode than you might think. Bathroom drains clog all the time and knowing how to fix them is an important skill for any home owner.
028 – ELECTRICAL: Attic Fans   (05:34:25) August 25, 2020
Attic fans are one of those things few people think about. But they can make a huge difference if you live in a place that experiences high heat.
027 – HVAC: Common Air Conditioner Parts That Fail   (10:32:25) August 18, 2020
As you may have guessed, your air conditioner and the way it works is pretty complex. With that comes a lot of moving parts, some of which fail more often than others. In this episode HVAC technicians from Any Hour Services talk about those parts that fail often, why they fail and what you can […]
026 – PLUMBING: Expansion Tanks   (08:31:25) August 11, 2020
On this episode plumbers from Any Hour services explain what that big metal bubble sticking out of your water heater is. They also talk about the different ways it can help you diagnose other issues you might be experiencing in your house.    
025 – DRAINS: Why Do Mainlines Fail   (02:13:25) August 04, 2020
There are many different things that can happen that will cause your mainline to fail. Luckily on this episode of, In The House sewer and drain technicians from Any Hour Services discuss everything you’ll need to know about your mainline, and how you can make sure your mainline doesn’t fail. That and MUCH more!   […]
024 – ELECTRICAL: Purchasing A Portable Generator   (10:19:25) July 28, 2020
If you’re in the market for a portable generator there is no doubt you have a lot of questions. Well look no further because on this episode of In The House electricians from Any Hour Services talk about everything you need to know before buying your portable generator.   Facebook:   Instagram:   […]
023 – HVAC: Why AC units freeze over   (10:39:25) July 21, 2020
HVAC technicians from Any Hour Services discuss the many ways that can cause your air conditioner to freeze over. They also give you the answers you need to fix and prevent it from happening. Social Media: Facebook: Instagram:
022 – PLUMBING: Anode Rods   (12:32:25) July 14, 2020
Unless you’re a plumber you probably don;t know what a anode rod is, and that’s okay because professional plumbers from Any Hour Services are here to tell you everything you need to know! Social Media: Facebook: Instagram:
021 – DRAINS: Hydro-jetting   (05:51:25) July 07, 2020
In this lively episode of In The House drain technicians from Any Hour Services talk about the best way to clean the drains in your house. Social Media: Facebook: Instagram:
020 – ELECTRICAL: Portable Generators – How To Use In An Emergency   (06:39:25) June 30, 2020
Portable Generators are awesome! But there are things you should know if you want to get the most out of your generator and how to keep you and your family safe. Social Media: Facebook: Instagram:
019 – HVAC: Refrigerant   (02:18:25) June 23, 2020
Refrigerant is complicated. Luckily you have professional HVAC technicians from Any Hour services to explain everything you need to know about refrigerants and how it affects your HVAC system.   Social Media: Facebook: Instagram:
018 – PLUMBING: Tankless Water Heaters   (01:19:53) June 16, 2020
This is a special episode of In The House because it is our first episode featuring a special guest from Noritz themselves! Enjoy his deep dive on everything you need to know about tankless water heaters.
017 – DRAINS: Septic Systems   (08:14:53) June 09, 2020
Drain technicians from Any Hour Services break down everything you need to know about septic tanks.