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Former University of Utah punter, Tom Hackett, alongside Utah insider Steve Bartle join forces to deliver the most informative, entertaining and enjoyable Utah Football related podcast. From recruiting news to inside the locker room stories, Hackett and Bartle will keep you up to date with the happenings of Utah football. A serious podcast about men strapped in protection that can occasionally turn frivolous, well, only if local Salt Lake City food destinations gets brought up. We digress, if you are a fan of Utah football, or just football in general, click subscribe and let the good times roll!
Our Hearts Are Heavy   (51:04) November 23, 2020
Although it is not official, reports suggest Cam Rising’s season could be all but over.  What we liked and what we didn’t like against USC.  Plus, Bartle gives us his grades on the O, D, and Special Teams! Enjoy. 
What To Know About The Trojans…   (58:52) November 19, 2020
Utah isn’t a happy team at the minute, despite what Whittingham may want the media to think.  USC is still waiting to get clearance from local state officials… Players on USC to keep an eye on. Recruiting news and notes. Colton Swan is a machine on the trail. 
What Is Going On With Utah? Why Are There So Many Positive Cases On The Hill?   (30:10) November 13, 2020
Utah is yet to play a game in 2020, they are zero for two.  So why? What is happening within the Utah football program that is hurting them so much? 
Arizona Wildcats Preview: What To Expect This Saturday   (45:23) November 04, 2020
Hackett & Bartle break down the final Utah Football depth chart while also discussing the players from Arizona that could cause Utah problems this upcoming Saturday.  Can you believe it’s game week?!?
WE KNOW WHO THE STARTING QB IS   (38:40) October 30, 2020
Dalton Kincaid, remember the name.  Jaren Kump transitioning from offensive line to wide receiver?!?! Offensive line fears. Are they good enough? Tom is worried. 
Answers Are Just Around The Corner   (58:06) October 23, 2020
Just how close is Utah to securing 5 star talent at linebacker? Fall camp updates. Separation at QB position? Arizona Wildcats preview. Expect Utah to be tested early. 
Dixon Transfers, Whit Takes Big Pay Cut, Utah Picks Up Local TE & Fall Camp Lock Out   (49:31) October 16, 2020
How will the Jaylen Dixon transfer affect Utah in 2020? Coach Whitt takes a massive pay cut Local Pleasant Grove tight end chooses Utah Why is Utah Football not providing highlight videos from camp?
The Most In Depth Breakdown Of Utah’s Fall Camp Depth Chart You Will Find   (01:15:23) October 09, 2020
Want to learn more about the players listed on Utah’s 2020 Fall Camp depth chart? This is the episode for you.  Quarterback battles, offensive line changes, Britain Covey in the backfield…!?!? Stacked at DLine, new faces at linebacker and plenty of questions in the secondary. 
Here Is What We Know About The Return Of Pac-12 Football   (50:18) September 30, 2020
Utah’s upcoming home and away games Mark Harlan is a leader BIG recruiting news. Defense continues to dominate on the recruiting trail. 
The Band Is Back And So Is Football!   (42:58) September 18, 2020
REJOICE! Pac-12 football finally looks set to begin in 2020.  Steve Bartle updates Utah fans on recruiting and the lads also discuss locals in the NFL. 
Utes In The NFL & November Football?   (17:21) September 11, 2020
Could Utah be playing Pac-12 football as soon as November? And did you catch all the former Utes that made NFL rosters?
New Developments In COVID Testing Brings Promise To Pac-12 Fall Football   (35:33) August 31, 2020
The Big 10 has begun discussing whether they should reconsider playing football in the fall. But the Pac-12 is yet to budge.  A development in COVID testing has emerged as a significant factor in helping college football safely compete in the fall. Why is the Pac-12 not taking notice?
Will Players From The Pac-12 Transfer To Conferences That Are Still Intending On Playing A Season This Year?   (42:11) August 21, 2020
How is it that the SEC, ACC and Big 12 medical advisory boards still think it is best to play college football in 2020 when the Big 10 and Pac-12 have already decided against it? Will players from Utah leave the program with the hope of playing football in 2020? How will Utah make the […]
Have The Tears Dried Up Yet? Utah’s 2020 Football Season Is Cancelled   (48:23) August 13, 2020
There will be no Utah Football, but Tom and Steve will be here with you every week to share some laughs and inform you of the recent happenings.  College football is a wreck. Enjoy the episode! 
Travis Wilson, Isaac Asiata, Kenneth Scott and Tom Hackett Reminisce On 2015 Season   (01:21:16) August 07, 2020
Want to hear stories from the 2015 season? The season when Utah was ranked number two in the country following back to back victories against Oregon in Eugene and California with College Gameday on campus.  You are going to like this episode!
Utah Football’s Conference Only Schedule Has Been Announced!   (19:16) July 31, 2020
How well does Tom Hackett and Steve Bartle think Utah will do now that their schedule has been released?  Can Utah start their season 5-0?!?
Can Utah’s Wide Receiver’s Live Up To The Hype In 2020?   (46:25) July 23, 2020
For the first time since Utah joined the Pac-12 their offensive strength falls in the hands of their wide-receivers. Can the pass catchers take Utah back to their third consecutive Pac-12 Championship Game?  Tom Hackett & Steve Bartle discuss.
Are The Oregon Ducks Coming To Rice Eccles To Open The 2020 Season?   (45:18) July 18, 2020
Rumor has it that the Oregon Ducks are coming to Utah on September 12th to play the Utes in the teams’ first games of 2020.  Will Utah land a highly touted linebacker off the transfer portal? They could desperately use him… Ryan Lacy has continued to push his narrative regarding an incident with Morgan Scalley […]
BYU vs. Utah Cancelled   (41:51) July 10, 2020
Pac-12 conference eliminated non-conference games, meaning that BYU and Utah will not play each other in 2020.  How long until the NCAA has a governing body?  How do college coaches recruit? How much time and effort do they spend on a recruits parents?
Reaction From Morgan Scalley Breaking News!   (42:04) July 01, 2020
Tom Hackett and Steve Bartle share their reaction regarding the news that Morgan Scalley will return to Utah Football following the conclusion of a month-long investigation into his use of a racial slur from back in 2013.