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TV personality Casey Scott has taken the first step. He is confronting his addiction. Now what? Join Casey on his journey to become a better person, one day at a time, new from KSL Podcasts. With the expert help of licensed psychologist, Dr. Matt Woolley, Casey's struggle may remind you of your own. Whether you're addicted to alcohol, drugs, social media or pornography- this podcast won't make you stop. That's up to you. But if you want help, or you want to help someone you love, subscribe for free to Project Recovery wherever you get your podcasts.
Recovery is better than you could ever imagine…but it’s not easy   (18:22) August 04, 2022
In this week’s episode, Casey Scott is flying solo and opens up about being told “I’m proud of you” as well as sharing some messages from some of our listeners. He also talks about why it’s important to accept that you’re an addict in order to hold yourself accountable and the joy of focusing on […]
Yvonne Rodgers shares how an abusive partner left her disabled and demanding change   (57:23) August 02, 2022
Yvonne Rodgers joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to share how a tumultuous relationship with an ex-husband created a tense atmosphere for her family throughout the years, adapting to the reality that her son had become addicted to meth, and experiencing firsthand domestic abuse that would ultimately leave her permanently disabled in her right […]
Shay Mitchell talks about finding recovery for herself and accepting the reality of being an addict   (01:02:40) July 26, 2022
Shay Mitchell joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to share her recovery journey that started early on in her childhood with a father who suffered from addiction, how she began to develop anxiety from unaddressed traumatic experiences growing up, and the relief she felt from the moment she tried alcohol for the first time. […]
The impact that optimism has on recovery with Casey and Dr. Matt   (43:31) July 19, 2022
Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley talk about some of our favorite episodes throughout the past couple of years, a letter that came in for Casey, and optimism’s role in recovery. Then we dive into the three P’s to defeat cognitive distortions, how optimism creates the seen for motivation and change, and the path to […]
Corey Markisich and Ryan Decker share their recovery journeys and their work at Wasatch Recovery   (01:15:09) July 12, 2022
Corey Markisich(Executive Director of Wasatch Recovery) joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to open up about how anxiety affected his childhood, experimenting with Oxycontin in high school with his friends, and how abusing pain medication led to getting arrested for participating in a major drug ring. Then Ryan Decker(Marketing Director of Wasatch Recovery) joins the […]
Ryan Brown talks about taking his life back after addiction had taken everything from him   (01:13:25) July 05, 2022
Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by Ryan Brown to talk about how Ryan’s perfectionist attitude throughout his time in high school helped him avoid experimentation with substances, spending two years in Hong Kong on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and checking the boxes of creating a […]
How “keeping the plates spinning” can hinder our personal growth as we get older   (41:50) June 28, 2022
Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley talk about the importance of changing our behaviors to make long-lasting and positive improvements in life, and why the phrase, “Addiction does not discriminate”, is such a monumental idea to understand to avoid discrimination against those who are struggling with substance abuse. We also dive into finding the balance […]
Amy Harris on finding the courage to live a life of recovery — one day at a time   (01:12:18) June 21, 2022
Amy Harris joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to talk about growing up in a party household, having her first alcoholic beverage as a child, and how she was introduced to the idea that alcohol could be used to calm the chaos in her life during her teenage years. Then Amy opens up about […]
Riley Loosemore shares his unforgettable journey to recovery   (01:08:43) June 14, 2022
Riley Loosemore(Peer Recovery Coach at USARA) joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to talk about how his abusive father leaving his family as a child created a hole in his life, being introduced to substances during his high school years, and how he became a father of 3 by the age of 19. Riley […]
How The Village Effect aims to help young teens with Bryan Hedin and Rob Eastman   (20:17) June 10, 2022
Bryan Hedin(Executive Director of Renaissance Ranch) and Rob Eastman(Eastman Fitness & Wellness) join Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley in a bonus episode this week to talk about how “The Village Effect” can provide an atmosphere that helps many families address many of the factors that could build the framework for substance abuse and addiction […]
Bryan Hedin opens up about getting honest about his addiction in order to find recovery   (01:02:17) June 07, 2022
Bryan Hedin(Executive Director of Renaissance Ranch) joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley this week to talk about struggling with his identity during his teenage years, his fear of not amounting to anything in life, and the relief from the anxiety that he felt after getting drunk for the first time. Then we dive into […]
Angelique Richards on developing her identity to overcome addiction   (56:19) May 31, 2022
Angelique Richards joins the show to talk about many of the contributing factors that built up the framework for addiction including getting married young to appeal to societal expectations, dealing with extreme anxiety after losing her identity due to marriage at a young age, and the stress that came with having a daughter at such a […]
Jared Shaw on overcoming pain pill addiction to create “Recovery Strong”   (01:02:01) May 24, 2022
Jared Shaw(Recovery Strong) joins the show to talk about struggling to find his identity in a big family growing up, how he learned that underage drinking would come with very serious consequences after getting ticketed for being intoxicated, and the moment he realized he could get away with abusing pain pills during his senior year. Jared […]
Transforming the lives of incarcerated and returned citizens with Travis Richey   (01:13:58) May 17, 2022
Travis Richey (Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Motivational Speaker) joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to share his story of growing up with a father who was an organized crime boss and addicted to heroin, being forced to take on the role of protector within the family, and how he was being groomed to take over […]
Curtis G. Marsh on what it took for him to rise above the chaos   (54:13) May 10, 2022
Curtis G. Marsh (President of Capital Growth Management Inc.) joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to talk about Curtis’s upbringing in Utah and how the idea of being forced to be a perfect person laid the framework for addiction to flourish once he became successful at a very early age.  Curtis also opens up […]
Frank Jameson explains his state of mind that freed him from his addiction   (01:03:16) May 03, 2022
Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by Frank Jameson (Executive Director – SOAR) to talk about how moving to Sun Valley, a small town in Idaho as a kid, helped shape his party persona as he got older. Then we talk about how moving back to California to attend USC pushed Frank’s substance abuse […]
Casey Scott is coming back to TV   (18:32) April 26, 2022
Casey Scott is flying solo for this week’s episode and he opens up about how his recovery has helped him give back to the recovery community, as well as the announcement that Casey is going to be coming back to TVs in the mornings for the next month. Tune into KSL in the mornings from […]
Portia Louder opens up about overcoming addicting and prison to find redemption in life   (01:12:55) April 19, 2022
Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by Portia Louder to learn about her childhood growing up in a small town in southern Utah, how having a child as a teenager made a major impact on her personal development, and becoming physically addicted to pain pills in her early twenties. Portia also opens up […]
Reboot: How a drunk driver changed Sarah Frei’s life forever   (01:11:39) April 12, 2022
As more listeners come to the podcast, we want to introduce them to stories that they might not have heard yet. That’s why we want to retell a story that impacted us more than we could have ever imagined… In this week’s episode, Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by Sarah Frei and […]
How Al-Anon equipped Miriam S with the tools to cope with a loved one’s addiction   (49:58) April 05, 2022
Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by Miriam S.(PI Coordinator – Al-Anon) to talk about growing up with a loved one who was suffering from drug addiction, how her first experience with Al-Anon completely shocked her, and the role that faith plays in developing tools that can help keep us grounded. We also […]