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2023-06-04 Religion Today – Evidences that Book of Mormon Events Happened in Central America, Which are Not Found in North America   (20:00) June 04, 2023
Where did the events in the Book of Mormon occur?  North America? Mesoamerica? What does the evidence say? Although the LDS Church has taken no official position on where Book of Mormon events happened, it is important to carefully read Book of Mormon passages which help narrow the possible locations. The Book of Mormon describes […]
2023-05-28 Religion Today – Religion and Memorial Day, the Inspited Constitution, its Hanging by a Thread, and the future of America   (20:00) May 26, 2023
The inspired U.S. Constitution, the religious significance of Memorial Day, and the prophecy of the Constitution hanging by a thread, are just a of few of the topics discussed in this episode of Religion Today, hosted by Martin Tanner
2023-05-21 Religion Today – Why Latter-day Saints Have the Jesus of the Bible, But CRI Does Not   (20:00) May 21, 2023
In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains why Walter Martin and CRI (Christian Research Institute) have the wrong Jesus, an un-Biblical Jesus, while Latter-day Saints believe in the Biblical Jesus.  What is the distinction? The CRI believes in the “Trinitarian” concept of God which is not found in the Bible, which is […]
2023-05-14 Religion Today – Great Women in the Bible – Mothers’ Day   (20:00) May 13, 2023
Whether you are confident or filled with anxiety, pretty or plain, happy or sad, faithful of have a history or sins or mistakes, confident or full of self-doubt, rich or poor, happy or sad, you will find a great from each of the women in the Bible mentioned in this episode of Religion Today. Listen […]
2023-05-07 Religion Today – Why I Believe in Heavenly Father, Jesus, The Restoration and Life Beyond This One   (20:00) May 06, 2023
Why I believe!   In this episode, Martin Tanner describes the reasons he believes in the existence of God, Jesus, a Restoration, and an after-life, from science, scriptures, prayer, and seeing his deceased mother and later in another experience, his deceased 22 year old daughter. 
2023-04-30 Religion Today – Evidence for the Accounts in Genesis and the Rest of the Old Testament   (19:59) April 30, 2023
Latter-day Saints are fortunate. There are no creeds. There is little beyond beyond belief in Jesus as Savior, belief in God, belief in the restored Gospel, that one must believe. The fascinating story of Pelatiah Brown in Kirtland illustrates this idea, from Joseph Smith himself.  In this episode of Religion Today, Martin Tanner explains how […]
2023-04-23 Religion Today – The Meaning of the Phrase ‘Son of Man’ and Why Jesus Used it to Describe Himself   (20:00) April 22, 2023
Jesus’ most used description of himself was “Son of Man”.  Did this, as many say, mean Jesus was saying he was a mortal, a human?  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains how Jews, from Psalm 80:17 (God’s hero, redeemer, Messiah), Daniel 7:13-14 (Son of Man has everlasting dominion and his kingdom […]
2023-04-16 Religion Today – Eyewitnesses of the Resurrection, Isaiah, Daniel, John, Matthew’s Eyewitnesses, Paul, Joseph Smith and Ezekiel Johnson   (20:00) April 16, 2023
Next to the Atonement, the most incredible doctrine and belief in Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus and many others, which has already occurred.  Martin Tanner describes the eyewitness accounts of actual resurrection, and of seeing resurrected beings, given by Isaiah, Daniel, Matthew’s eyewitnesses, John, Paul, Joseph Smith and the lesser known account of Ezekiel […]
2023-04-09 Religion Today – The last Week of Jesus’ Life, His Crucifixion and Resurrection, and Accounts of the Resurrection of Others   (20:00) April 08, 2023
Easter Sunday was called “Resurrection Sunday” by the early Christians, the most holy of days. In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner gives a short chronology of the last week of Jesus’ mortal life, His crucifixion, resurrection, and gradual change to a bright and glorious being, from one whom Mary could mistake for […]
2023-04-01 Religion Today – Accuracy of the Gospels is Confirmed by Three First Century non-Christian Historians   (20:00) April 02, 2023
Are the Gospel records accurate? Are they trustworthy? The question is not whether the authors of the Gospels had a Christian point of view, they did. The real question is whether they accurately reported the life of Jesus.  We can tell they were from the highly regarded historians of the First century, Cornelius Tacitus and […]
2023-03-26 Religion Today – Near-Death Experiences that Reinforce Gospel Principles   (20:00) March 26, 2023
In this episode of Religion Today Martin Tanner shares some of the most profound Near-Death Experiences he has ever heard, from among the more than 600 he has heard first-hand. These NDEs confirm Gospel principles and reinforce a belief in Jesus as Savior and Redeemer.
2023-03-19 Religion Today – The Holy Ghost – As a Spirit, a Person, and His Purpose in Scripture, Tradition and Belief   (20:00) March 18, 2023
We know nothing of the Holy Ghost in the pre-existence. We know little of his roll in the next life.  On June 16, 1844, days before his assassination, Joseph Smith said the Holy Ghost would “take to himself a body as did the Savior.” D&C 130:22 says the Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit. […]
2023-03-12 Religion Today – The Lives and Deaths of the Apostles After the New Testament Record Ends   (20:00) March 12, 2023
Have you wondered what happened to the Apostles of Jesus after the New Testament record? In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explores some of the well-attested information about the Apostles.  Paul founded many branches but was ultimately beheaded at the order of Emperor Nero at what is now Three Fountains Abbey.  Peter […]
2023-03-05 Religion Today – Promises of Hope to Parents of Wayward Children   (19:59) March 05, 2023
Every parent has at one time or another worried about their wayward children.  In this episode of Religion Today host Martin Tanner explains why every faithful parent has the promises of God’s prophets from Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, to the present, that their wayward children will eventually return to the Gospel principles of goodness […]
2023-02-26 Religion Today – Indicia The Gospels and Other New Testament Books are Based on Eyewitness Accounts   (20:00) February 26, 2023
Are critics correct, who claim the Gospels and other New Testament books were constructed well after the time of Jesus, from hearsay and second hand information, which makes them unreliable? In this Religion Today episode host Martin Tanner answers the opposite is true.  There are details in the Gospels which only eyewitnesses would know, confirming […]
2023-02-19 Religion Today – Answers to Difficult Questions About the Existence of God, Suffering, Evil and Injustice   (19:58) February 19, 2023
If there is a God why doesn’t everyone see him?  If there is a God, why is there suffering in the world, especially of innocent children? If there is an afterlife, why can’t we see it? If there is a God why doesn’t he answer my prayers? In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin […]
2023-02-12 Religion Today – Biblical, Scientific and Restoration Era Evidence for the Existence of God and Jesus   (20:00) February 12, 2023
Biblical, scientific and restoration era evidence you may not have considered for the existence of God and Jesus are presented by host Martin Tanner. These include, (1) how rare belief in resurrection was at the time of Jesus, and how little evidence for it is found in the Old Testament, (2) how many modern scientific […]
2023-02-05 Religion Today – Purported Translation of the Sealed Portion of the Golden Plates is a Hoax   (20:00) February 05, 2023
Mauricio Berger of Brazil claims the Angel Moroni appeared to him in 2007.  Berger also claims he has translated part of the “sealed portion” of the Golden Plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith. After reading Berger’s purported translation, Religion Today host Martin Tanner concludes this is a poor hoax. […]
2023-01-29 Religion Today – Origin of the Name New Testament and the Purposes of the Gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke   (20:00) January 29, 2023
Host Martin Tanner describes how Papias in 140 AD said “Mark . . . the interpreter of Peter, wrote accurately but not in order all” Peter told him about the life of Jesus. Luke’s Gospel says he “wrote in order” meaning he corrected the order.  Luke also supplemented Mark’s Gospel with additional information from “eyewitnesses” […]
2023-01-22 Religion Today – Dating, Order and Manuscripts of the Books in the New Testament   (20:00) January 22, 2023
In this Religion Today episode host Martin Tanner explains why scholars believe Paul’s letters were written between 45 AD and about 60 AD, before the Gospels.  According to tradition, Paul was beheaded in 64 AD.  The Gospels were written between 65 AD for the Gospel of Mark, and about 95-100 AD for the Gospel of […]