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2023-09-24 Religion Today – Visions in Other Faiths – Apparitions of Mary in Catholicism and Visions of Emanuel Swedenborg   (20:00) September 23, 2023
Other faiths besides Mormonism have traditions of visions. In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner describes nine visions or apparitions of the Virgin Mary, acknowledged as genuine by […]
2023-09-17 Religion Today – Insights From Old Testament Quotes Found in the New Testament   (20:00) September 16, 2023
All of the ancient manuscripts of the New Testament are in Greek. Although people are surprised to hear this, except for the Dead Sea Scrolls, by far the oldest Old […]
2023-09-10 Religion Today – Prayer, its Purposes, Goals, and, Double-blind Studies that Demonstrate it Works   (20:01) September 10, 2023
Prayer works.  Peer reviewed, double-blind studied demonstrate prayer works. In this episode of Religion Today, Martin Tanner explains why some prayers are not answered because they seek to stop free […]
2023-09-03 Religion Today – Jesus’ Sermon on the Mountain   (20:01) August 29, 2023
In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner shares his own translation of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” in modern, contemporary English and explains in additional detail, the meaning […]
2023-08-27 Religion Today – Don Bradley and His Book The Lost 116 Pages   (20:01) August 26, 2023
Martin Tanner interviews LDS scholar Don Bradley about his book “The Lost 116 Pages” which took a decade of research and pieces together some amazing facts, including: (1) Lucy Harris […]
2023-08-20 Religion Today – Brigham Young Papers Project Interview with R. Esplin, G. Dirkmaat, B. Rogers   (20:00) August 19, 2023
Host Martin Tanner interviews Ron Esplin, Gerrit Dirkmaat and Brent Rogers on the new Brigham Young Papers project. Volume one of Brigham Young’s diaries is now available in book stores. […]
2023-08-13 Religion Today – Changes to the New Testament in the First 300 Years of Christianity   (20:00) August 12, 2023
Martin Tanner discusses the many changes to the New Testament during the first 300 years of Christianity, including removal of the beloved book “Shephard of Hermas” and the “Didache” or […]
2023-08-06 Religion Today – Brief Introduction to the New Testament, The Authors, Purposes and Dates of the Books   (20:00) August 05, 2023
A brief introduction to the New Testament.  Host Martin Tanner explains why it is most likely Paul’s letters were written about 20 to 30 years after Jesus’ resurrection. Then, the […]
2023-07-30 Religion Today – Angels in Jewish and Christian Tradition, in the Bible, and in the LDS Faith   (20:01) July 29, 2023
The word “angel” means messenger from God. In this episode of Religion Today host Martin Tanner gives information about the seven archangels in Judeo-Christian tradition, in the Old and New […]
2023-07-23 Religion Today – Why a News Paper Editorial Caused the death of Joseph Smith, About the Pioneer Trek West, and the Pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley   (20:00) July 22, 2023
In this episode of Religion Today, Martin Tanner discussed details about the death of Joseph Smith, including why newspaper editor Thomas Sharp was the one who was responsible.  Information about […]
2023-07-16 Religion Today – The Hebrew meaning of the words Elohim, YHWH, Adam, Eve and the phrase, help mete, in Genesis   (20:00) July 15, 2023
Host Martin Tanner adds additional depth to your understanding of the words “Elohim” which is a plural derivative meaning “strength” or “power”; “YHWH” or “Jehovah” meaning the one who exists […]
2023-07-09 Religion Today – God Inspired the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. was Founded on Christian Principles   (20:00) July 09, 2023
How could the U.S. Constitution be inspired, since it included the right to have guns and allowed slavery to continue. In this episode of Religion Today host Martin Tanner explains […]
2023-07-02 Religion Today – Independence Day, Freedom, Patriotism and God’s Hand in Founding and Preserving the United States of America   (20:00) July 01, 2023
Independence Day, freedom, patriotism, agency, and God’s influence in the founding of the USA.  With its flaws, the USA is the country that formed a new government based on freedom, […]
2023-06-25 Religion Today – Are the Words Jesus, Messiah, Baptism and Bible in the Book of Mormon Anachronistic   (20:00) June 24, 2023
Host Martin Tanner explains why the words “Jesus” “Messiah” “Baptism” and “Bible” are not anachronisms and are perfectly fine translations of the ancient words on the Golden Plates from which […]
2023-06-18 Religion Today – Baptism for the Dead, in Early Christianity, the Bible, Scholarship, its Origins in the LDS Faith, and as Practiced Now (NDE invitation)   (20:00) June 17, 2023
In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner first describes baptism for the dead as practiced in Early Christianity.  He provides references to vicarious ordinances in the Apocrypha, 2 […]
2023-06-11 Religion Today – Are There Two Cumorah’s and More Evidences BoM Events Happened in Central America – Invitation to Hear a Marvelous Near-death Experience   (20:01) June 11, 2023
In this Religion Today episode, host Martin Tanner, points out that no LDS Church leader, including Joseph Smith, has ever claimed revelation on where the events in the Book of […]
2023-06-04 Religion Today – Evidences that Book of Mormon Events Happened in Central America, Which are Not Found in North America   (20:00) June 04, 2023
Where did the events in the Book of Mormon occur?  North America? Mesoamerica? What does the evidence say? Although the LDS Church has taken no official position on where Book […]
2023-05-28 Religion Today – Religion and Memorial Day, the Inspited Constitution, its Hanging by a Thread, and the future of America   (20:00) May 26, 2023
The inspired U.S. Constitution, the religious significance of Memorial Day, and the prophecy of the Constitution hanging by a thread, are just a of few of the topics discussed in […]
2023-05-21 Religion Today – Why Latter-day Saints Have the Jesus of the Bible, But CRI Does Not   (20:00) May 21, 2023
In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains why Walter Martin and CRI (Christian Research Institute) have the wrong Jesus, an un-Biblical Jesus, while Latter-day Saints believe in […]
2023-05-14 Religion Today – Great Women in the Bible – Mothers’ Day   (20:00) May 13, 2023
Whether you are confident or filled with anxiety, pretty or plain, happy or sad, faithful of have a history or sins or mistakes, confident or full of self-doubt, rich or […]