A Gentle Thief

A Gentle Thief is a fictional podcast, written and performed by Amanda Dickson, inspired by real events involving the death of a young girl and her parents' desperate and relentless attempt to have her death certificate changed from suicide to homicide. Get the full story here: https://www.amazon.com/Gentle-Thief-Amanda-Dickson-ebook/dp/B005IE7X2G Attorney Sophie Brownlie is given the case her first week with the law firm of Day Openshaw. She becomes passionate in her attempt to help the family prove that their daughter did not kill herself. But if she didn't, who did? Her ex-husband? Her new boyfriend, who had broken up with her just two days before she was found dead? Or is there someone else with a motive that isn't as clear? The story takes us from Las Vegas, where Sophie practices law, to Pennsylvania, where the young girl grew up, and finally to Cedar City, where she lived . . . and died. A Gentle Thief is brought to you by Superior Water and Air. http://kslnewsradio.com/1542169/ksl-newsradio-announces-new-fictional-podcast-gentle-thief/
Need a recommendation for a good book? Here are three!   (08:41) June 02, 2019
Need a good read? Here are three recommendations from Amanda Dickson’s guests on A Woman’s View: “Two Old Women” is an Alaskan legend about two old women who were abandoned by their tribe. “The Tree at the Center” is a book of poetry by an up and comer that sounds wonderful. “A Passage to India” […]
How do you feel about Missouri having no abortion clinics?   (08:19) June 02, 2019
Missouri is set to become the first state in the United States where there is not a single clinic offering abortion since the decision in Roe v. Wade. (Note this recording is made before the final decision is made on Friday.) Amanda Dickson asks her guests what they think of the situation. She is joined […]
We’re in top ten for gap between rich and poor. Are you ok with that?   (10:28) June 02, 2019
When it comes to the countries with the biggest gaps between rich and poor, the United States is in the top ten. We are #9. As we read about the economy humming along, Amanda Dickson talks about how  she knows that is not true for everyone. She asks her guests for their insight: Jean Miller […]
Why is K-12 education free but college is not?   (08:20) May 05, 2019
Is free college a good idea? Should we borrow money from China to pay for college? Would students work as hard if they don’t have skin in the game? Amanda Dickson asks her guests why K-12 education is free in this country but college is not. What a powerful lineup this week on A Woman’s […]
What is the real value – or harm – of RISE standardized tests?   (07:59) May 05, 2019
Many Utah students are taking RISE tests right now. How do you feel about standardized tests? What is their value or purpose? Do you think they serve us as a community? Do they serve the students? Is it possible they hurt the students? So many questions for Amanda Dickson’s guests, all of whom have education […]
Does your daughter want a boob job for graduation?   (12:27) May 05, 2019
What is your advice for the class of 2019? Amanda asks her three wonderful guests that, and also what they wish they had known when they graduated that they know now. They also talk about the research that shows how much cosmetic surgery Utah women are having. Parents are even giving boob jobs to graduating […]
Why should we care about the Inland Port? Think of the power of supply chains   (08:53) May 05, 2019
Why should we care about the Inland Port? Think about it this way – we are smack dab in the middle of the United States in terms of shipping. We have a brand new airport and wonderful rail line. We live in an age where we’re moving from retail to fulfillment, and if we have […]
Cease and Desist   (14:18) May 14, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 25, Sophie returns to the office after her trip to Utah. She has come to a realization that she wants to leave the practice of law. It is hard for her to give up all that she has worked so hard for, but Maddie’s life – and death – have taught her […]
“There isn’t always a sign.”   (22:23) May 14, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 24, Sophie Brownlie wakes in Cedar City. She calls Dr. Horowitz and learns about why he believes Maddie’s death was a suicide. Sophie talks to Sean and tells him all she’s learned, including that the woman Maddie killed in her car accident was her step-mother. Sophie drives to see the property Maddie […]
The Funeral   (15:13) May 14, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 23, Ike and Cookie Johnson meet in Cedar City, Utah for the funeral of their daughter. Ike goes to Maddie’s house, the one he bought her, and goes through his daughter’s things and finds her journals. He reads how obsessed she was with Con. He finds her will and learns she left […]
“What did you come here for?”   (18:09) May 14, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 22, Maddie meets Con Sullier.  She explains herself after he finds her trespassing. They talk about Maddie Johnson for hours. After their meeting, Maddie finds out the other two ME reports both came back suicide. That night she goes to the Shakespeare Festival and sees “Hamlet.” A Gentle Thief is a fictional […]
Chapter 21 – She’s dead.   (13:01) May 14, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 21, Con drives back from Vegas, completely broke after draining his accounts the night before. When he pulls up to his house, Gina is hysterical. She tells him the news that Maddie is dead and the police want to talk to him. He goes to Maddie’s house and talks to the police. […]
The Road to Con   (22:49) May 07, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 20, Sophie goes to SUU to find Robert Able. While he is no longer there, she does find Dr. Mina Theron, the counselor who saw Con and Maddie 20 years prior. She is willing to talk to Maddie only because Con made everything that happened in counseling public in an article he […]
New Year’s   (23:01) May 07, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 19, New Year’s Eve finds Maddie alone, but feeling strong, until she has a painful conversation with her mother. Junior’s mother calls on New Year’s to find out her son is back together with that girl (Beth) she doesn’t like. Robert Able rings in the new year alone, but finally begins the […]
Driven   (18:50) May 07, 2018
(FICTION) Episode 18 begins with Maddie. Her ex-husband calls to ask if can bring dinner over and Maddie agrees. Robert still has feelings for Maddie that it’s not clear she returns. Episode 18 then shifts to Sophie as she finally hears from the first medical examiner. He agrees with the original determination – suicide. Sophie […]
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do   (24:03) May 07, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 17, Maddie spends a night with Con and feels like they have a real connection, but when she catches him on the phone with a girl the next morning and she spends another day alone, she is blessed with the realization that he is not for her. She is free. But Con […]
To Go or not to Go?   (16:15) May 07, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 16, Sophie Brownlie is waiting impatiently for any response from the three medical examiners. It’s been nearly a month. The case feels stagnant, and she is reluctant to return Ike Johnson’s call with nothing to tell him. She keeps thinking about what the psychic told her – that she would take a […]
“I killed her.”   (20:57) April 30, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 15, Con and Maddie go back to see the counselor. Con talks about his dreams of death involving him and Maddie, one where they were going to commit a double suicide. Maddie begins to shake and tells them something she’s never told everyone – she killed a woman in a car accident. […]
“What happened to Madeline Johnson?”   (19:23) April 30, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 14, Sophie Brownlie is working on sending letters of engagement to other medical examiners to ask them to review the file on Madeline Johnson, just as Dr. Verdad suggested she do. The phone rings, and it’s an old college friend of Sophie’s who recommends Sophie go see a psychic about the case. Reluctantly, […]
So This Is Christmas   (17:15) April 30, 2018
(FICTION) In Episode 13, it’s Christmas night 1983, and Maddie finally answers the phone that’s been ringing all day. She speaks first with her mother and then father. Both had been calling for hours. Maddie was toying with her gun as she listens to them talk. Later Con stops by to apologize for not showing, […]